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SEO Basics: Importance of KEYWORD DENSITY in Article Writing.

BY: Jessica | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-10-28

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Keyword density is a very important concept in the field of article writing. It is a way to tell automated softwares like Search Engines what your article is all about. For the purpose of explaining this concept, lets take an example as if you are planning to write an article about "weight loss".

What are the terms KEYWORD and KEYWORD DENSITY?
Almost every article has few important words which represent the theme of an article, these are called KEYWORDS. For example your keyword(s) can be "Weight loss" or "Weight loss among women". You should figure out your main keywords before writing your article.

KEYWORD DENSITY on the other hand is the count of how many times you use your main KEYWORD inside your article. It is recommended to keep your keyword density between 1.5% to 4%. For example if you are writing a 100 word article then you want to use your keyword about two times. If you are writing your article of 500 words you want to use your keyword about eight or nine times. It can be tricky because if your keyword is a "single word" you want to use it more often, while if you have a "two word" keyword, you want to use it lesser. As the number of words in your keyword string increase, you should reduce its occurrence. It is best to use some online Keyword Density tools.

My favourite keyword density tools are
1. www.ranks.nl/tools/spider.html
2. www.seochat.com/seo-tools/keyword-density/

Each tool may give slightly different results so its better to use the one you are most comfortable with. I like to use the first one in the above list.

What else do I need to do with my Keywords
It is very important to place your keyword in your TITLE tag, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS section of the HTML page. For example

<meta name="description" content="Weight loss among women can be quite challenging especially after pregnancy. This article talks about various techniques which can help women to reduce weight." />
<meta name="keywords" content="weight loss, women, pregnancy" />
<title>Weight loss tips after pregnancy</title>

What is the real advantage of maintaining a good Keyword Density
In a long run, almost all online articles get their maximum traffic through the search engines. Search engines are not humans who can intelligently figure out what your article is exactly about unless you give them sufficient tips. Therefore if a search engine finds certain keywords in the TITLE and also finds those words repeating in your main ARTICLE BODY, they know what category does the article belong and when to display that article when someone searches for that term.

Does a good keyword guarantee that my article will be displayed on top in Search Engine results
Not necessarily, if there are several well written articles already on the internet, each one will be graded by these search engines and displayed accordingly. Search engines often rotate some search results on their first page. If you do not take care of Keyword Density in your article, your chances to get onto 'Page 1' or 'Position 1' go down.

Precautions regarding keyword density:
Never try to forcefully induce your keyword in a way that it makes the formation of the overall sentence grammatically wrong. Your keywords should appear naturally in your article without disrupting the overall flow of the article. I prefer keeping keyword density around 2-3% using the above mentioned tools, keeping it too high or too low can be equally damaging.

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