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BY: buiya | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2010-02-08

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Some owe nothing to their senses. They fabricate their own homes out of their creative imagination and happily reside in them. Some consider their senses to be an encumbrance in the way of living a life full of peace. Much as this practice appears soothing, not even the wisest of these men would deny the importance of their senses in making their life a success, on careful contemplation.

Every time we judge what we do, we find that we deal with subjects. Every time we try to discover what anything basically is, we come up with the conclusion that it is a subject of our reference. Life is all about subjects, and perhaps it is the lone warrior that stands without an opponent, at least in the world of consciousness. Subjects are what we live upon. Some choose to live more on the subjects of their imagination; some find it exciting to depend upon the uncharted lands of reality.

But what are these subjects that seem to exist freely in our memory made up of? What makes imagination potent of making man somewhat self-sufficient? Deconstruct the house of your imagination-resolve it into walls and corners-then bricks-shapes, lines and particles, and then you will find it consisting of units once sensed. Man's ability to understand comes from his inherent capability to identify ‘difference' and ‘similarity', at the most basic level. Using this ability he constructs patterns and then concocts a subject using them, out of what he perceives. These patterns get stored into his memory providing him the liberty to use them anyway, anytime, to construct any subject he wants. Even though the mind has the capability to identify similarities and differences, the grounds of application of this ability are either directly provided by the senses or are designed by what the senses have already recorded. The mind can only recall something already sensed or construct something entirely new using the units it has already sensed. No matter what one imagines, it consists of units derived from sense perception or is itself a sense perception. In other words, a mind that has never sensed can never imagine.

How does that sound to the one who, till then, thought that his thoughts were independent of the world of senses? How does the person who has always deprived the senses of importance feel when he discovers that the bricks of his sweet home of thought are derived from his senses? The hidden reality about senses sets us free from the chains of ignorance but creates an ambivalent state.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi! I am a pre-medical student. Thinking and writing down my thoughts are my favorite pursuits. The subjects of my focus are philosophy, science and spirituality. Visit my blog at soham-sohamsthoughts.blogspot.com to go through my posts. E-MAIL: soham.bhaduri@gmail.com

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