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SAVE ME .. Says the Earth

BY: harini | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-11-27

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I am the only planet in the solar system which is unique and I can proudly say-yes I have "life" on me. None of you (Jupiter, Venus etc) have this with you. All these years I used to be proud of this fact. I used to move with my head held up high. But, now I envy you all. I am not happy anymore. What makes me worry even more is that "MY END IS VERY NEAR" I can see it, but I am helpless. I cannot do anything. - "EARTH"

The earth is literally moaning over the devastation the human race is causing to it. This is a very bitter truth with which we all are living. I guess, the truth is growing bitter day after day, but there is no change in our attitudes, in our thinking. We continue to live carelessly as if there is nothing happening. We are living just like "breathing robots". We have absolutely no time to ponder about what is going on around us. We are just "living".

Enough is enough.
One of the biggest problems which are threatening all of us is "GLOBAL WARMING". Well, many people probably get bored, irritated or are used to listening this term day in and day out. But, this wouldn't have been a problem at all if we all thought about it just once. The fact that we didn't, makes the world what it is today.

The intensity of the problem is so severe, that we need to act immediately to protect the world. It is now or never.

As a child I grew up listening to all these impact of global warming. Now I am actually seeing whatever I read. And it is really very sad, that the destruction of the world is continuing at such a fast pace. The analysis and predictions of the scientists are actually being seen everywhere.

Snowcaps are melting. Sea levels are rising. Temperatures are soaring high. No climatic cycles. No proper seasons. Unpredictable natural calamities. No forest cover. In brief, it is a "GLOBAL PANDEMONIUM".

If this continues, then we all need to bear the brunt of nature's fury within a decade. Well, I may sound pessimistic, but "truth is truth". It is not that nothing is happening to stop this. There are innumerable summits on climate change every year, so many days which are observed every year in fond memory of our environment. But are they fruitful? I don't think so.

It is high time now. It is time that we all wake up as individuals. It is time that we realize that we do not belong to any land, country, region, religion. It is time we realize that we all are the dwellers of this beautiful planet. We are those blessed ones, those chosen ones who have the privilege to live on this beautiful planet. So it is our responsibility to restore it to its original face. It is our responsibility to return this planet its lost beauty. It is our responsibility to give back our planet its priced possession - "LIFE". Let us live and let our planet live.

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