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BY: Sachin | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2008-05-09

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Avoid Distraction Driving Tip 1: Do not talk on cell phone while driving, even with hands free the distraction level is quite high. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 80 percent of all crashes and 65 percent of all near-crashes occurred when the driver looked away from the road seconds before the onset of the crash.

Avoid Distraction Driving Tip 2: If you lose your way or need to refer maps or write notes then pull over.

Avoid Distraction Driving Tip 3: While driving NEVER do these
- Groom yourself , shave or apply makeup.
- Program GPS.
- Send a text message.
- Read newspaper or magazine.
- Eat or have your meal.
- Get something from back seat.
- adjust radio.

Avoid Distraction Driving Tip 4: Never try to run a red light. If the light has just turned yellow and you can stop comfortably on the signal then please do rather than speeding up or try to still cross it.

Avoid Distraction Driving Tip 5: Never violate traffic rules even if you are in a hurry.


Safe Driving tip 1: Always wear your seatbelts.

Safe Driving tip 2: Follow speed limits and the rules written in your state driving booklet. Drive slowly when children are around.

Safe Driving tip 3: When backing your car be extra safe. See if someone is not backing at the same time which can cause a collision.

Safe Driving tip 4: Be alert while driving. Avoid driving when emotions are too high like too excited or depressed. If you are feeling drowsy or sick then pull over and take rest. If you are taking any medications then check with your doctor of any side effects that can influence your driving ability.

Safe Driving tip 5: Checking blind spots when changing lanes.

Safe Driving tip 6: Keep eye on the road and regularly check rear view mirror.

Safe Driving tip 7: Follow speed limits and if someone is tailgating then change your lane and let them pass.

Safe Driving tip 8: Avoid eye contact or argument with a driver who honked at you or looks very angry, just let them go and keep your head cool.

Safe Driving tip 9: Check regularly that all essential systems like lights, blinkers, breaks and wipers are working fine.

Tip10: Check pressure of the tires regularly, have plenty of gas and keep windows and windshield clean.

Tip 11: If you see fluid leaks or any check lights go on then go to your mechanic as soon as possible, if its too bad then pull over. Basically keep your car in good shape.

Tip 12: Plan your trip in advance and which roads you will take and if you need accessories like snow chains etc.

Tip 13: Keep sufficient distance from the car ahead and extra careful at train tracks.

Tip 14: Never drink and drive.

Tip 15: Avoid driving in extreme climate conditions.

Tip 16: Your rear view and side mirrors should be properly adjusted so you have a proper view.

Tip 17:Turn on your lights when weather is bad or visibility is low.

Tip 18: Stop completely on STOP signs and look around before proceeding.

Tip 19: Expect the other drivers to make mistakes and think what you would do if a mistake does happen.

Tip 20: When being approached by an emergency vehicle, pull to the right shoulder of the road and STOP to give them way.

Tip 21: Carry in your vehicle, in an easy to find place, all contact numbers that you may need as well as Emergency contact information, personal information and any outstanding medical needs that you may have.

Tip 22: Plan to arrive 10 minutes before a appointed time.

Tip 23: Remember trucks need more space on turns and need more time to stop than smaller vehicles.

Tip 24: Keep your license, registration and insurance in car while driving.

Tip 25: Always watch out for pedestrians, if they are crossing the road then give them way.

Contact your local DMV, transportation or highway authority for more information.

AARP 55 ALIVE Driver Safety Program1 888 227-7669

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