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Role of 'Appropriate Study Environment' for Success in a Child's Life

BY: JoJustin | Category: Education | Post Date: 2010-02-25

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The study environment of the child who is going to appear in an exam is very important for not only the success of the child in the exam, but also for the child to have a stress free time. There are various factors that ensure if the study environment that is being used by the child is a appropriate place or not. These factors are all listed in this article as follows.

1. Pleasant place:

There are certain places where people love to study. There are also other places where a person will not like to study. There cannot be a single factor that can be said to be the cause of the ability to study or not study in that place. This is the role of the place in the environment for a child to study. The appropriate study environment for one child may not be the appropriate one for another child.

2. Fresh air and ventilation:

Fresh air and also ventilation are two most important factors that have to be present in the place where the child is studying. The reason for this is that unless there is fresh air, the child will be breathing the stale air that is rich in Carbon di oxide and this will cause the child to feel sleepy. The same goes for ventilation too. Unless the child has enough ventilation in the place where the person is studying, there will be a great difficulty to study.

3. Adequate lighting:

There should also be adequate lighting in the area that the person is studying in. The reason for this is that if the person stains too much in a place that is not adequately lighted while studying, then the eye sight can get spoilt and this itself can cause the child to have difficulties later on.

4. Sound proof to an extent:

The place where the child is studying should also be sound proof for the ability to study properly. A place that is not sound proof is not appropriate for studying. The sound proof means that there should not be too much of noise pollution that can disturb the child from studying.

5. Comfortable seating place:

The place where the child is studying should also have a place that is comfortable for sitting and studying. There are some places that are not comfortable for a person to be able to concentrate and study. These places are not appropriate for the person to study. An appropriate place is where the child is able to sit comfortably without any disturbances from other external sources.

6. Lack of disturbances like TV, phone and other things:

Any disturbances or distractions in terms of sound and other things can be an inappropriate place for the child to study. This should be remembered and only the best place be selected for the place of study.

These are some of the most important factors that help the child to study. This makes the place to be the appropriate place of study.

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