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Review: Evony-Free Forever

BY: WhiteWolf | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-22

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Since the beta version of Evony was released in May 2009, there has been an exponential boom in the game with one of the largest, fastest growing gaming communities on the internet today. Many of these players join alliances, or teams, to fight other alliances to conquer land, territory, resources and cities. Players also have to search for various types of medals in various places in the world of Evony for promotions such as Colonel and General to grow in rank within the world. Players within the alliance also have the power to promote and demote players based on alliance guidelines that the host of the alliance usually create.

This game is similar to Civilization and other strategy games, yet everything happens in real time, even when you're offline. Some players prefer this because it allows their troops and resources to continue building while they are away, but at the same time it leaves them open to attacks from other players that they might know nothing about until it's all over and they've been conquered.

Gameplay in Evony is very strategic. Alliances can declare war on one another and ask their friendly alliances for help which will lead them to planning an all out war on the enemy. If players need a little boost for the cities they are building, real money can be spent on extra items such as those that speed up resource production, teleport cities that may come under attack or the medals that help with promotion. These medals also come in handy when a hero is captured by an army. Players can dismiss the hero or persuade them to stay with them by using either Gold or medals.

In town, the cities normally consist of buildings such as a marketplace where players can buy and sell resources that their fellow alliance members may not have available to give to them; a warehouse to store resources in case of an attack, raid or plunder; cottages for residents to live in and pay taxes which brings in the gold, a feasting hall for the heros that lead the armies, an inn for players to recruit heros, a beacon tower so players can be alerted when they are about be become under attack; a stable for training cavalry, a rally spot where injured troops can be healed; a relief station that increases troop speed; a workshop where metal working is done by troops and citizens to help with armor; an embassy where other players can be invited or apply to be members of an alliance, a forge to help with metal working; an academy where things such as archery and military tradition can be learned to improve the attack and defense of each players troops and finally the town hall which is the center of everything. The town hall allows players to modify production rates, keep track of valleys that have been conquered, pray, give a blessing on their townspeople, levy resources or modify tax rates. All of these buildings can be upgraded to a level 9, however if a player is lucky enough to get a Michaelangelo's script from spinning the Amulet wheel that is awarded daily, upgrades can be made to level 10.

Troops and equipment that may be available with certain upgrades of buildings and resources include workers, warriors, scouts, pikemen, swordsmen, archers, cavalry, cataphract, transporter, ballista, battering ram and catapult.

Outside the town is the city in which you will be able to customize how your resources build. All of these can also be upgraded to a level 9 and with each upgrade, more resources are produced so you can build troops, fortifications and feed everyone. The four things here include a sawmill, ironmine, farm and stone quarry.

At the bottom of the screen is a chat room where players can talk with fellow alliance members, go into world chat and talk to everyone who is logged onto the server or go into private chat with the player of their choice. Contact with other players can also be made by system email which saves everyone the trouble of having to give their personal information out when they really don't want to.

The game interface is pretty easy and straightforward to use but some really detailed things such as how to annul an alliance friendship may be difficult to find without help. The game is browser based so there are no downloads required, which certainly saves a lot of hard drive space to say the least. The graphics aren't up to speed with many of today's games but considering its browser based and strategic, fancy graphics aren't really required.

There are also things such as an Evony Forum to check up on the latest news as well as threads for every server that exists on Evony... which is at least 50 so you have your pick. Players also have access to quests that they must complete. By completing these quests, players are rewarded with various things such as gold, food, iron, stone, lumber, etc. Another big thing that rival players look for is prestige, which can be found at the top of the screen next to the player avatar. The higher the prestige is, the more respected the player is among others. Players can build prestige in various ways such as construction, praying, attacking and defending. Honor is also something other players look at. Honor is earned by attacking and defending... going into actual battle.

There are still a few bugs to work out in the game but overall it is a hit that is definitely worth playing. No need to worry much about the few bugs that do exist because the makers of Evony: Age I release a patch nearly every month to make sure gameplay is the best it can be.

This review gives this very addictive game 9 out of 10 stars. Once you start to play, the best thing to do is join an alliance to help get you started. After that, you will play for hours... guaranteed. After playing for two months, I still log on everyday and play for at least 6 hours. I've never been much of a gamer in the past but Evony has completely changed my mind about games and gamers.

Many alliances are also pretty tight-knit and have their own personal websites and forums for alliance members only. This is something that few other games provide and makes the Evony community that much stronger with extreme growth potential. The makers of Evony are also in constant contact with their players by sending various system emails letting them know about contests and patches. They are very active in involving their members in various activities which makes the game that much more worth playing.

Personally, I have made quite a few new friends on Evony that have come to mean a lot to me and I'm sure this is the case for all alliances and players who meet each day to play Evony together.

For those of you who wonder about my whereabouts in the game and want to join my alliance, you can look me up. I'm Lady WhiteWolf on Evony server 19; alliance Camalot located in Moravia. Just go to your embassy and send an application otherwise you can msg or mail me through the system and you will receive an invite.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I'm Lady WhiteWolf of Evony, Server 19. Presbyter of Camalot in Moravia.

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