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Retirement work ideas | Earn money after retirement

BY: Tim | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2008-11-21

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Almost all of us dream about retirement, thinking it to be a time when we can relax and take life at an easy pace. However once we actually reach the retirement age, the reality sinks in - What to do now? Some of us will have enough money to retire comfortable while others will have to continue to work past the retirement age to earn more money. Regardless of your situation, most medical experts believe that keeping your body and mind active after retirement is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is also important to realize that with age it is natural to lose some of our physical and (possibly) some mental sharpness as well, so whatever work you decide to do should not lead to over-exertion. I am compiling some great retirement work ideas for seniors based on my knowledge and understanding.

We have seen this world from so many different angles, there ought be a at least a few topics that you may have a very good knowledge about. Then why not write a short book about it and earn money from its publication. You may not be an expert, but go to library, talk to other people and get additional ideas and information that you may need. You can even team up with your buddy and co-author a book together.

* John The Wine Expert:
Before his retirement, John was working at a vineyard for 25 years and could almost call himself a wine expert. He wrote a book about wine tasting and different types of wines types like chardonnay, shiraz, merlot, malbec, Petit Verdot etc..

* Lisa the expert cook can write a book about healthy-delicious cooking.

* Joe the carpenter can write book about - Home improvement for dummies.

* Diane the retired nurse can write about - Healthy living tips.

This list is truly endless. Writing can be a hobby at the same time it can be a good way to earn money after retirement. Before you put too much time, do some basic homework on how to get your book published once you complete writing it. Of course you do not want to spend months writing something that will never get published by a book printing house. Contacting publishers early will also help you to write a book with an approach which will possibly be more interesting for the end readers. It is advisable to take a few chapters as a demonstration of your writing skill and what you are intending to write about.

If you have good knowledge about a field that others may be willing to get opinion (and pay), then you are a perfect fit to start your consulting business.

* Eric, who was a customer service representative with Government's medicare program. After he retired he knew exactly which medicare pre scription plan is good for a particular individual. He devotes few hours every week brushing his information and information about new plans or changes in existing plans. He is frequently called for personal consulting by retirees who find it very difficulty to do all this by them self. His business has been very good lately, and just from the word of mouth he gets enough clients. He chargers about $50 per hour and does 4-5 hours of consulting every day. By spending paying about $100 with Eric, people can themself save a lot of money throughout the year.

* Amanda, who is a retired software engineer conducts basic computer classes in her home helping people to learn the basic operations of the computer. She charges a very nominal amount from her students, but every bit helps.

* Sometimes your former employers will employ you back on an hourly or project basis.

Opportunities to earn money after retirement through consulting are endless. If you keep digging within yourself, you will certainly come up with many good retirement work ideas.

Teaching is a beautiful option for people who think they have the right attitude. You may need an additional certification to start the job but teaching is associated with great benefits. States like California are facing a huge shortage of Maths and Science teachers and now they are increasingly depending on the retired work force.

Federal agencies like IRS and Peace Corps have a high percentage of workers above the age of 50. Please visit the website www.usajobs.gov to check out the government jobs in your area. Government jobs not only help you earn money but they also have excellent health benefits too. Keep surfing the website I just mentioned, may be you come across other retirement work ideas which actually never came to your mind earlier.

Especially during holiday time, retail chains need lot of help and hire temp workers. These jobs pay anywhere between $10 to $15 per hour. If your performance is good, they may even keep you permanent. Recently I read a story when a retired CEO started working on a Starbucks coffee shop because he simply enjoyed the job. He loved talking to customers and see their relaxed faces once the sipped coffee. Many retired defense people find great jobs in private sector because they of their extensive background of discipline and management.

6. START A CHILD CARE (not baby care):
I am not talking baby care, but teenage care. Any single parents or families where both parents work need supervision for their kids when they them self are still in office. It may simply mean driving them to a soccer practice or may be just make sure they are keeping out of trouble. These parents can pay you $8 to $15 per hour.

Even though non-profit organizations do not pay too well, they are a great place to work. Non-profits often have several part time jobs which may be perfect for seniors.

May companies like 1800flowers, Arise etc .. hire call center workers willing to work from home. All you need is a computer, phone line and a home office. Companies in turn greatly benefit because they will not have to provide you office space and get work done cheaper without outsourcing. There are several thousand housewives and retired workers doing this job.

Sites like eBay are a great work from home option for almost all retirees. Before you start, I recommend to go to a library and read a small tutorial about how eBay works. You will basically sell items on eBay and get paid for them.

Not everyone of us is good at writing books, we may just be one of those individuals who loves to write short articles of about 500 to 1000 words each and them move on to the next topic. In that case consider using computer technology and start your own web page. Online writing requires no money from your side. This option is also good for people who do not think that they will be able to get their book published.

* Blogs are very simple websites that require almost no technical knowledge and are designed just for people like you and me. These days almost ever college student knows what a blog is or how to become a blogger. Blog is nothing more than a set of a place where you can easily write and update contents. After you have written 10-15 articles, apply for Google Adsense and you can earn advertisement revenue from your work. Try to get a book from nearby book store regarding how to start blogging. It will probably take you a week to learn, but then you will just get use to it.

* Knol is another version of blog, if you are an expert on a topic you can easily create just one article on each topic of your interest ( say 3-5 knols) and keep updating them regularly.

* Write articles and sell them to others websites for about 3 to $10 per article.

Online writing is a nice retirement work idea but it will take quite a while before you see any meaningful money. You may never earn good money but the little money may just be a complement to your writing hobby. There are people making huge sums of money through online writing, while others do not.

Some of us have been shooting excellent pictures of nature and events for fun. Your local newspaper, magazine or even internet sites like GettyImages may be interested in purchasing your excellent pictures.

Motivational speaker, Financial consultant, social worker are other excellent work choices. Simply dig the youth within you.

Before you go out to search for work please do learn or polish your computer skills, build a sophisticated resume and be flexible.

Whatever you do, just remember to be very careful and avoid scams. Many too good to be true offers are often scams and never wire money to others. Start slowly and do not over-invest in any business idea. There are many other retirement work ideas which I may not even know about. Earn money after retirement is not only good in term of finances but it keeps up more lively. Always do your own research regardless whatever someone else tells you. What may be good for them may not be exactly the same way for you.

Names used in this article were imaginary.

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