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Reservation in Indian colleges: Effects of caste based reservation

BY: informationishere | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-07-21

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Being a student of IIT Bombay myself (from general category), it took me some time to digest that the OBC student quota of 27% is to be implemented asap in India. The news of faculty reservation seemed less surprising, but rather more disappointing. But, as a very optimistic person that I am, I would like to throw light on some of the positive aspects of this decision. One of them, ofcourse, (though less important for this blog) is that the not-so-qualified teachers of the not-so-high castes and classes of the not-so-modern Indian society will get to teach in Oh-My-God-Its IIT. This is one of the reasons given by the cabinet minister. Well, what if they don't deserve it.. that is no reason to deprive them of a chance chance to teach in IIT. After all, they are the socially NEGLECTED ones.

Another direct consequence of this will be in IIT department. Now, in this new era of reservation, they will see people they have rarely got a chance to meet and work with. And they would never have got this (not-really-very-sought-after) opportunity but for this splendid move. New recruits adding new flavour (which the department was lacking.. thankfully) to the teaching methodology of IITs.

One very intricate indirect impact would be on student life. This will very strongly tend to promote interaction between students. The inevitable discontent and confusion arising from the classroom teaching would invigorate new enthusiasm in the very curious minded students of IIT to find out what the truth is. In the process, they will interact much more and learn . This would also discourage their attendance in classrooms giving them more time to innovate and work on more important things (e.g. sleeping, CS etc.).

In view of the above mentioned advantages, I would really like to appreciate the very deep and intellectual decision of introducing reservation for faculty. Although there are some minor issues which a lot of people are worried about like degradation in quality of education, decline of IIT market value, lack of infrastructure, decline in funds from alumni, large communication gap between students and faculty, unfair advantage to caste over merit, use of reservation by the creamy layer of the reserved category, decrease in overall placement, credibilty issues of IIT education, suicidal tendencies of under-performing students etc. These petty things are no good to deter ARJUN "OBC" SINGH.

So, in my opinion, coming up is the reservation in security staff, mess workers, canteen tenders, and other non-academic staff of IIT. And, ofcourse, how can i forget the tumtum drivers!!

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About Author / Additional Info: Mehul Jain IIT Bombay

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