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Reservation in India - Backward caste quota in education, jobs and more

BY: shivi | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-06-04

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People get on the roads.....burn buses....say slogans...sit on strikes.

Yes this is the view of many places in India when it comes to the demand of reservation by the people of the minority groups. RESERVATION!!! RESERVATION!!! RESERVATION!!!! this is the noise that we hear everywhere....BUT on what basis do people ask for reservation???? just because they are the people whose community has less population??? just because they are the minority group???? how can people ask for their rights just on this basis.

Its not very old news when we saw the doctors protesting against the reservation for the Schedule castes, schedule tribes and other backward classes in MBBS and other medical exams...but there too these minority groups protested against them saying that its their right and they should be given reservation......but can any one answer that will any one one this earth including the ministers who support the reservation will ever be ready to give their near ones in the hands of such a doctor who has actually become doctor not because of the education and qualification rather because of the reservation. and the best part was when the doctors tried to show their protest by dressing up like cobblers......the cobblers dressed up in doctors uniform saying that the doctors actually were making fun of their profession.

But my dear cobbler brothers if a doctor's shoe gets tattered then the doctor can mend the shoe himself or he can buy a new pair of shoes but god forbid if something happens to your own child and he is in a serious condition can you treat your child by yourself or can you buy a new child for yourself?????

People become doctors with the help of these reservations but they dont even know the right treatment for diseases like the common cold and when something unfortunate happens in the hospitals then it is the doctor community that is blamed.... people say- doctors don't know anything..

Not just the medical field but no high post can be left in the hands of people who just know that they belong to the reserved category but actually have no knowledge of their subject.

YES reservation should be their but not for the uneducated minority class students but for those hundreds of students who are scholars but their dreams don't come true just because they and their families do not have enough funds for their education....their are thousands of students in INDIA who get more than 95% in their 10+2 exams but cannot even do their graduation because of the family's financial condition and are forced to work. YES reservation should be given to such students and higher education must be made free for them giving them scholarships.

If this happens in India then nothing will ever go wrong anywhere be it the hospitals, the engineers, the teachers anyone. we will have intelligent people in all departments in the hands of whom we will feel safe and secure.

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