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Remembering: Reflection of world issues with the connection with sports

BY: GJ McRae | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-02-11

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   GJ McRae
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G J McRae

Reflecting is something mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are doing today as the events of 2001 have forever changed the world. The government has given aid and rebuilt Afghanistan through outsourcing projects in the war torn country. Just imagine the men and women who will return home to foreclosed homes and debt notices, soldiers will have to endure countless hours of rehabilitation from the injuries sustained during combat. Is the government offering any aid to the victims and their families or emergency service workers are the world as we once knew it has changed since 9/11 just imagine how many we could help if every fan would just donate pocket change or one dollar in tribute during every kickoff.

The Titans remember the pound crushing front line that dominated the Steeler's in last years regular season while the secondary struggled in yesterday's 13-10 loss it was proof that discipline works wonders. The titans's front four worked like a barrier to contain the run game while the secondary was left wondering what is a man to man? Could it be the soft cushion that allowed Roethlisberger to find targets on the scramble, while young Kenny Britt was highlighting the Titan's offense. This 21 year old proved he belonged as he picked apart the Steeler's secondary with speed routes up the field. Chris Johnson found his A gaps in the steel curtain '09 to move the chains in a clock management game for both teams.

Ben's Santonio caught for a blistering 131 yards as the Titans cushion and man to man was rocked to sleep by Roethlisberger's pump fakes. Running was not a option for the Steelers's grind style but their air attack moves the sticks for the tick and pick of the clock and secondary. (Safety) Chris Hope, (linebacker) Stephen Tulloch formed there own curtain to hold (running-back) Willie Parker to 19 ground yards as the eight in box pressure collapsed on the offensive to pressure the Steelers's quarterback in the closing moments. Hines Ward didn't remember the Pop Warner fields of old getting the yardage for the field goal. He streaked for the yards that would seal the deal, Michael Griffin's forced fumble took this game of seconds into extra minutes. In the closing minutes, the cushion turned into cotton as rookie Mike Wallace caught a target for the game wining 33 yard field goal.

In a night of remembrance for the fallen solider, those wounded in combat, and those who loss their lives, for a few hours we look to forget and cheer and embrace gridiron heroics. We must cheer individuals that gave their lives in pursuit of our freedom. Let us not forget the heroes of yesterday that did not perform for the crowds but provided a service to support a family by going to work adhering to a sworn duty to save lives. Let us, the fans and the league remember.

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