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Regional Politics: How to break India into 28 parts.

BY: Rakesh and Amit | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-11-06

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   Rakesh and Amit
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How to divide the powerful of India into pieces without using a bomb, not even a bullet. This is a topic which the enemies of India have been have probably been thinking for ages. Little did they know that they will find accomplices/friends to do this job from the same political leaders of India who claim to be serving the nation for the good of people.

Yes, I am talking about a strong rise in regional and state level politics. Leaders like Raj Thackeray in the state of Maharashtra and today Shivraj Chouhan in MP, are trying to forcefully flare the regional politics. I have nothing personal against these leaders but when they run campaigns to promote regional language or promote residents of their own state for jobs in their own region, it causes a rift among people who belong to that state and those who have come from outside for a better life. For example both Raj Thackeray's MMS has been promoting the use of Marathi language and state jobs only for Marathis. There have been several incidents when people from other states like Bihar were beaten up in Maharashtra and labeled as outsiders. This in turn caused Bihar to raise protest against Maharashtra.

Come on, we all belong to one nation, we are Indians and we have one of the most diverse society in the world. Other countries in past have given our example for peace and harmony. Political leaders have found a trump card 'Play regional politics' and get votes. They are creating such an unfriendly environment that it is breaking India mentally into several parts.

Soon enough this regional politics will be used in other states. And the people of India, instead of calling themself as Indians, people will call themself as Marathis, Kannadigas, Kashmari, Rajasthani, Assami and so on. I think this kind of filthy politics will break India into 28 parts, each part representing a state. Probably seven more for each union territory.

A majority of people are not that well educated and they do not understand the real intentions of these leaders. They run their campaign to get votes, get elected and make money. In some cases they just want to look good in the eyes of regional people by sacrificing the interest of the country. This shameful political culture will break India into several parts into mini countries, a bonanza for our foes. Political leaders spend money in a way so that they get more votes from the regional people rather than concentrating on things which are really good for the state (and region and nation) in a long run.

History has proved over and over again that a nation is built by sacrifices and hard work in daily lives by common people and not by playing politics for personal benefit. These leaders should concentrate on resolving crime and corruption in their states or providing good education and healthcare system. Political leaders are generally seen only during the elections making false promise and pleading for votes.

I am personally very scared in the direction our country is going. We already have caste, race and religious issues which we have to deal with, and our society is getting further divided into regional sections as well.

What do you think? Where are we headed? .. Please leave your comments

- Rakesh

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History is repeating
Two centuries back India lost its independence because of the divide and rule policy of Britishers. We are doing that all over again but this time the enemy is within our own people .. i.e. our political leaders. The principles of unity, tolerance and peace have vanished from our society.
Priya 2009-11-06

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