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Regimens to Follow for Teen Skin Care

BY: Cory Thiarello | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-06-30

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   Cory Thiarello
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Teens need to devote a few minutes for skin care routine in order to achieve a healthy acne free skin. As hormonal production enhances with puberty, condition becomes best for the development of acne and other skin related problems. It is highly important to look after your skin even during the pre-teen years to prevent further alterations and damages. Prior to going for any skin care regimen teens must ensure the type of skin they are having. They may be having either an oily skin, normal skin or dry skin. It is quite infrequent for teens to have dry skin, if they have there needs to take special skin care based on expert suggestion.

For all types of skin, you must strictly do cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting. Cleansing can be done either with a cleansing gel or with a mild soap in order to eliminate the dirt, grime and oil that get accumulated on the skin surface. A toner is required to clean the dirt which still remains embedded even after cleansing. For teens it is advisable to use alcohol free toners. As excessive cleansing can dry out your skin, you must moisturize your skin to retain the moisture. Protection of your skin is also highly necessary in the present day world of environmental pollution. You must use sunscreen lotions when you are out particularly between the noon hours from 10 to 2.

You should never try to touch your face with hands. Also never pick the acne as this can spread the bacterial infection which can result in scars. Always use water based cosmetics rather than oil based one. A well balanced diet rich in vitamin A and E and plenty of water about 2litres a day are also a foremost requirements for skin health and beauty. Also the existence of dandruff in your hair scalp can be a factor leading to teen acne, so an effective hair care choice that can remove dandruff is also a major requirement. It is advisable to exfoliate your skin twice a week to eradicate the dead cells that get accumulated over the pores. You can use a scrub cream twice a week, if it is not too harsh. But remember that frequent scrubbing can spoil your skin.

The existence of human demodex parasite that lives in the hair follicles is also found to be one of the major factors leading to teen acne. So a product which is rich in sea buckthorn oil that can kill these parasites must be used to prevent the inflammation and damage they generate to the skin. Sea buckthorn oil is also a rich source of numerous vital nutrients needed for your skin. An efficient and gentle teen acne soap made from sea buckthorn oil can improve the skin condition of teens. Such soaps are available from Facedoctor which is a reliable source of Chinese herbal soaps and cosmetics. The products from Facedoctor can completely alleviate the acne and rosacea symptoms and at the same time can enrich your skin with essential nutrients to achieve a glowing skin.

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About Author / Additional Info: Cory Thiarello writing for www.facedoctor.ca. Facedoctor's teen acne treatment and rosacea products have found wide acceptance over the past years because of the presence of seabuckthorn oil in it.

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