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RedBox Review: The cheapest Movie-DVD rental service.

BY: Jessica | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-06-25

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Two months back, as I was almost about to exit the grocery store (Raley's and Nob Hill store), I saw this big red vending machine (or kiosk) which read "REDBOX - $1 DVD Rentals - $1 Movie per night". It sounded too good to be true, so I did went and checked it out anyway. Touch screen, plenty of movie titles, search movies by category (comedy, horror etc..), New movies, Old movies and lot of other interesting features. It said all I need is a credit card to be able to rent a movie. I am a person with a very suspicious attitude specially when it comes to credit cards, so decided to go home without renting any movie.First I wanted to find out more information about them on the internet. Once home and on my computer, I googled "Redbox DVD" and found that several big sites like MSNBC, CNN had articles about this great DVD rental service. I read some reviews and everything looked pretty good. The company is backed by Coinstar and was initially founded by McDonalds.

Next day went ahead and rented out the movie, the whole process was extremely easy and took just couple of minutes. The vending machine (or kiosk) also gave me the option to enter my email address (which I did). The DVD came out in a white plastic cover from a small outlet on right hand side. I went home and watched the movie. Next day while on my way back from work, I returned the DVD on the same kiosk. There is no person close to the vending machine to help bit it is pretty easy to use. I think that if you ask any store employee they will likely assist you in case of a trouble.

Although it's better to go to RedBox.com for most accurate and up to date information, this is what I know as of today.

Good things about RedBox

* Yes you really pay ($1 + sales tax) per day, making it the cheapest DVD rental place in my area.

* No late fees, they keep charging $1 per night if you do not return the movie. This process can continue for 25 days and then you can keep the DVD.

* There are several sites which publish coupons for free 1 night movie rental. Google search on "redbox free rental coupon" or "redbox dvd promo code". No harm in trying as your next DVD rental could be free.

* Return DVD to any Redbox vending machine, not necessarily where you rented from. In my opinion the average DVD rental time is 1 minute and return time is 5 seconds.

* Online at redbox.com tells you of other places in the city where their vending machines are located.

* You can open a free account at redbox.com and reserve your Movie-DVD online at a particular Redbox location. It's better that way because never know, the DVD of your favorite movie may just run out. Now a days, Friday's seems to start getting busy so its better to reserve your movie in advance. After renting online I got his email from them (personal information removed):

Thanks for using Redbox!
Congrats. Hooray and huzzah!

You've successfully rented "Australia" and will be held for you until 9:00 PM tomorrow night at:

<> (view inventory here)

After 9:00 PM tomorrow night, the DVD will be made available for other customers to rent. Finally, please remember to bring your credit card with you.

Rental Details
Payment Card: *******
Customer Email: ********

Questions? Comments? Contact Redbox Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-REDBOX3
Email: questions@redbox.com
FAQ: www.redbox.com/Help/Faq.aspx

DVD rentals cost only $1.00 + tax until 9:00 PM the next evening, then $1.00 + tax for each night thereafter. After 25 days, rental charges will cease and the DVD is yours to keep.

* Once you return the DVD the following automated email comes back.

Thank you for using redbox! The receipt below is for your first night's rental. If you keep your disc(s) for any additional nights, redbox will process those charges after your disc(s) have been returned. If you return your disc(s) by 9:00 PM tomorrow, you won't receive any additional charges and this will be your final receipt for the rental.

Please keep this receipt for your records.
Billed To: *****
Transaction ID: *****
Invoice #: *****
Receipt Date: 5/25/2009 7:50:01 PM
Order Total: 1.09
Payment Card: AmericanExpress....****
Redbox Location: Raley's (see available movies)
Title Transaction Barcode Amount
Australia Rental ***** $1.00

Subtotal: 1.00
Promo Savings: 0.00

Rent it online to guarantee it's there: www.redbox.com Adjusted Subtotal: 1.00
Tax: 0.09

Total Charge: 1.09
New Rental Billing Process!

Our new billing process eliminates temporary holds on your account for easier tracking of charges! Redbox will charge you for your first night's rental and send you a receipt when you pick up your disc(s). Return them by 9:00 PM the next day and there are no additional charges.

If you keep any or all of the discs for additional nights, redbox will charge you for all the additional nights once every disc from your rental transaction is returned. You will get one more receipt that shows the additional charges.
Questions? Comments? Contact Redbox Customer Service
Call redbox Toll-Free: 1.866.733.2693
Submit an Email: www.redbox.com/Help/Contact.aspx
Read the FAQ: www.redbox.com/Help/Faq.aspx

Disc rentals cost only $1.00 + tax until 9:00 PM the next evening, then $1.00 + tax for each additional night. After 25 days, your card will be charged an additional $24.00 + tax and the disc is yours to keep.

* Once I rented the movie "Mall Cop", came home and DVD did not work. So I called their customer helpline and without much wait I was able to speak to a representative. She was very apologetic and gave me a free rental code. So I did not lose anything. The bad DVD was marked to be removed, so when I returned it was not rented out to anyone else. I think their customer service is great so far !!

* There are more than 15,000 Redbox kiosks (vending machines) in the U.S, spread across several grocery store, pharmacy stores and may other locations. It is the fastest growing DVD rental company (among Netflix, Blockbuster and Redbox)

* They claim customer credit card information is encrypted and safe. Do you know Redbox opening an average of one kiosk per hour to lure budget-conscious consumers.

Bad things about RedBox

* You got to have a credit card; cash won't work.

* Very limited selection of movies when compared to Netflix and Blockbuster. Redbox machines carry about 700 discs with 200 titles, mainly recent releases.

* No human interaction, not sure what happens if the vending machine malfunctions.

* No VHS tapes (but hardly anyone uses VHS anymore)

* Read about a security breach on voices.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2008/04/redbox_warns_of_credit_card_sk.html
DVD-rental vending machine maker RedBox today warned customers to be on the lookout for any unusual activity or physical changes to local RedBox kiosks, after the company discovered evidence that criminals had retrofitted at least three of the machines with devices to steal credit-card information.

* A large percentage of people end up paying more than $1 as they keep their movie DVDs for two or three days.

AUTHOR DISCLAIMER: This article talked about the cheapest Redbox DVD rental vending machines (kiosks) I know of. It is an independent review. I have no connections or contacts what-so-ever with Redbox. Since I was so impressed with the whole concept, I decided to publish this independent review of RedBox DVD rental service. Visit redbox.com for latest information.

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