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Reasons for people not wanting to have Surgery

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-12-27

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   David Prakash Kumar
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There are many conditions that can be treated with surgery. In fact the earliest and best method of curing a person with certain conditions is with adequate and appropriate surgery. In spite of this fact that surgery is the best method of treating a patient, there are hundreds and thousands of people who refuse surgery and say that they would rather suffer from the condition that they have rather than undergo surgery.
This article gives the various causes of the people refusing to undergo surgery.

1. Fear:

Fear is the most common reason for the people needing surgery to refuse the treatment that is available to them through the surgery. This fear is a very important psychological phenomenon that has to be understood by the health care provider and also treated and rectified by methods like counseling. Many people are given counseling to reduce the fear and this help a them to understand the need for surgery and they accept to have the surgery to treat the disease. The fear can also be of the disease getting worse or even of dying on the surgery table. Most of these fears are unfounded, but are usually based on the fact that there are some people who die on the operating table.

2. Financial situation:

There are many people in developing countries who do not have adequate financial aid for them to be able to undergo the surgery that is necessary. The wait at the various institutions offering free surgery is very long. The other organizations that have the facilities do not offer free treatment. This can lead to a refusal by the health care providers in certain set ups. This can be rectified by adequate government aid to the people who are in such situations.

3. Fear of pain:

There are a lot of people who fear the pain associated with the surgery. This is another cause of people refusing surgery. This fear of the pain can be reduced by adequately explaining these procedure and also telling the person about the anesthesia methods and other pain relieving procedures that are available.

4. Work pressures:

There are a lot of people who are in a job and they are not able to take leave because they might lose their hob if they take leave. There are also many other people who are the only ones working and the bread winners of the family and they cannot undergo surgery as there will be no one to take care of the family by providing for their needs. There are also many other people who may be the only person in a particular business and they are not able to leave their jobs as their business will suffer.

These are the various reasons for people not accepting surgery even when they know that it is the best for them. This can be overcome by adequate health education. Ignorance of the disease condition is also another reason for the people not accepting surgery. This can be rectified and the person made to accept surgery by giving psychological support and also adequate health education.

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