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Reality bites - Reality TV Shows and aftermaths

BY: Abhi | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-05

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Reality TV has cast such a spell on the viewers of television round the globe that it has simply become a craze. Today almost every channel has a reality show being telecast. A part of our lives now, reality shows, often has carried with itself the stigma of being unreal and scripted. Reality shows often use weapons like dramatization, fights between contestants, unreal emotions and false staging in order to boost the TRP of the show. However volumes of this has already been written and read about.

Lets talk something else - Firstly, the tendency to ape a show and bring to the viewers a duplicate version is in India is quite disturbing. Not only does this evince the lack of ingenuity but also gives rise to unwanted hullabaloo. Like for example, the latest to add to this list, ‘Sach ka Samna', an Indian version of ‘The Moment of Truth', has created quite a sensation, both in a positive and negative sense.

The questions that are asked in the show frequently get personal and in some cases shockingly offensive in a way. Not only is the privacy of contestants impeded but stunning revelations results in family disputes too. Nonetheless let's just look at the bright side of things. Not many of us do possess the guts to let the cat out of the bag, and that too of the utmost personal matters. It's kind of commendable that Indians are coming out of the closet and facing the challenges of the modern times. Also, I would like to mention that it's better if parliamentarians keep their expert comments to themselves and instead try out solving the serious problems that India is facing rather than teaching people to be rooted to the culture. After all why are they so anxious? If there's nothing that people do that will evoke shame and defy our good ‘culture' then no one should be bothered.

Lastly though, I would like to cite that reality shows are often offensive, and vulgar, which should not be the case, since producers should know where to draw the line, but then we should not be scared of facing the truth, after all its Mahatma Gandhi's nation. We should not forget -My Experiments With Truth-. We can be expectant that things will change for the better and disputes will pave their way out through the exit door.

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Future wasted
These children get so much limelight that they do not concentrate on studies anymore. It is so unfortunate that TV channels have made it as their business at the expense of future of these innocent children. Shame on parents who do not guide their children on what is right and whats not. Reality shows should ban child participants.
Alisha 2009-08-05
Realty TV is getting boring
Since every TV channel is jumping in this .. I no longer enjoy it.
Honey 2009-08-05

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