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Rave party in India - Unfortunate facts about popular Rave parties

BY: Bharat | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2008-10-08

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Lately there have been lot of news about Rave parties happening in Goa, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities of India. Although I have personally never visited any but out of curiosity decided to read about them on the internet. I certainly feel that rave parties are not the direction where the youth of modern India should be headed. Based on my understanding so far, I am writing about the popular concept of rave parties in India.

What is Rave Party?
There are two forms of rave parties - One is moderate and somewhat is similar to a standard disco - There is music, dance, good food, DJ's, live bands and possibly alcohol. These parties happen within all legal limits.

The second is the extreme version and when people talk about a "rave party" this is what they usually refer to. In addition to music, dance, DJ's, participants of this party often use of banned/addictive drugs, do excessive boozing and even sex. The biggest illegal problem in these parties is the usage of drugs which is illegal by law. Drugs and alcohol are often mixed for a solid kick. It is not easy to find about a rave party, it is like behind the doors activity. Either a phone number is circulated by word of mouth, SMS or through the internet. Although rave parties are becoming common, only a few get reported or result in a police action.

Combination of drugs and alcohol can not only damage central nervous system in certain cases, there is a risk of getting addicted to these drugs. Kissing is common, girls particularly can be a sexual victim in these parties because intoxication can easily take senses away. If an individual is caught in a rave part and exposed to media, there can be severe legal consciences and also the fear of shame in society to both the individual and his/her parents.

Why are Rave Parties becoming so popular in India?
Money is flowing in India like crazy, never before the youth ever had so much money in hand. Rave parties will often have grown up kids of rich industrialists, IT sector employees, beautiful girls, models, air-hostesses and others people for whom money os not a factor. People often use glowsticks and make designs while dancing. Rave parties are extremely popular during Christmas and New Year. There have been times when even foreigners (like Britain, Israel, Japan, France) have been caught or spotted in these rave parties. These parties are a combination of drugs and a thrilling experience. Not everyone who participates in a rave party consumes drugs, many just come for a first time experience and only eat regular food, some individuals just dance and consume only light alcohol. But if a police raid happens, everyone gets into trouble.

Where's does the rave party take place?
From one of the news references mentioned below, Rave parties are increasingly being shifted to smaller towns because police in big cities are becomming increasingly strict. These take place in farmhouses our in secluded areas outside the main city. Price of drugs is quite high in these parties when compared to the price at which they are available outside.

Who makes Money?
The people who make money in these rave parties are the organizers and the drug dealers.

Popular drugs used in Rave parties include
Ecstasy, Cocaine, LSD(Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), mountain weed, hashish or ganja. They are often taken in combination with alcohol.

Its Illegal - Never attend a rave party
Sometimes police will directly raid these parties and other times they enter the party in plain clothes by purchasing tickets and then catch the individuals red handed. People who are found in the Rave Party are often booked under Section 27 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985 and Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code. Blood samples are taken to confirm the consumption of drugs. Even if you want to explore what a rave party is, make sure that you fully understand that if you are caught, there will can very serious legal consequences.

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