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Raj Thakrey's mission against North Indians - Indian Politics

BY: den | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-05-31

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(This article discusses the current political situation in the Indian south-west state of Maharashtra where a popular politician Mr. Raj Thakrey has been demonstrating great love for the people of state and has been opposing people from other parts of the country especially the North India. Whether it is simply a political move to become a political power of the region or otherwise is debated by many. The state of Maharashtra is a popular hub of businesses in India and attracts people from all over the country looking for better life. Some of these outside state Indians have been accused by locals of taking their jobs and effecting their culture. Following article expresses the dissatisfaction of the author regarding the same. These are the views of the author and not necessarily the website itself.)

A real mission to divide the country into small parts - What does Mr. Thakrey want to prove by showing his Marathi love? Is there really something or he just does not have anything else to do?, or its just a publicity stunt, whatever it is but its not affecting the life of these big political people. This is affecting the life of all those North Indians who sometimes go to Mumbai for holidays or to meet their dream stars or the poor rikshaw pullers from U.P. and Bihar who actually are in Mumbai so that they can earn a living to give the required three meals to their family.

Its not just these poor people who have been in the trap of Mr. Thakrey but the poison in his heart came out even on the great men like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan the man who is called the superstar of the millennium but he has been blamed of not doing any thing for the Marathi film industry but being a part of the bhojpuri films but Mr. Thakrey why do you forget that if you want all the Marathis to do something for Maharashtra then how can you stop a man born in Allahabad to do something for his state?

Not just this he is planning to interfere in Mr. Laloo prasad yadav's chatt puja? ... but Mr. Thakrey was the god who Laloo ji wants to worship born in North india, how can someone be stopped from performing a religious ceremony? ... may be Thakrey ji knows the answer, and when raj sahib did not get satisfied blaming these wonderful and great men he went on to another mission..... the mission of changing the names of big brands which have BOMBAY in there names to change it to MUMBAI like Bombay dyeing to Mumbai dyeing and Bombay scottish school to Mumbai scottish....does this really matter? ... will the students start learning something extra from the word MUMBAI ---NO, but yes a feeling of terror has for sure set in minds of the students of the school where surprisingly the kids of Mr. Raj Thakrey and the grandchildren of Mr. Bal Thakrey are also studying.

This (not so) great mission has to come to an end otherwise the world may have a new country called Mumbai with PM Mr. Thakrey and all world including the(NORTH) Indians would require a passport to visit the place.

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Is mumbai a city of cowards
One TIGHT **** on Bal Thakrey It helps to open ears now Read this When sachin said that he is above mahrashtra if gavaskar recruited half of his team from Maharashtra did India got world cup ?? recruiting unskillful players is what all marathi vanmanoos wants ?? dont maarathi manoos ever feel proud when India win matches ..r u an indian ?? have you ever fought for indian independence bal thokrey am asking you ..where were you and your filthy good for nothing gunda toli when mumbai got raged by 10 terrorists ..were you hiding somewhere in your hole ...grow up baal coz you are just pissing us off every time you open your mouth.. try to keep mouthshut ..we dont need your advice .. we know what sachin did for india and we know that what have you done for india ...
ZeroRace 2009-11-22

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