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BY: moonlight | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-07-27

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The two very old terms have been juggling up our minds for a very long time, and these terms are: Religion and Spirituality. There is a very fine line in between them that differentiates the one from the other. We very often use these terms to show to others how much close we are to The Supreme Being. And sometimes we even use these two terms as synonymous of each other. But we have to understand the very fine significance of each of the terms into our lives. We must understand the utility of each of them and understand that how each of them takes us closer to The Supreme Being. Both the terms signify the Supreme Being only.

Religion is a set of beliefs, rules, customs and conditions. It is a set of norms and regulations that one must perform and follow in order to move towards the highest destination of all the souls. Religion instructs us what is wrong and what is right. What must be done and what must not be done in order to attain the highest knowledge of The Supreme Being. For instance, Religion instructs us to follow the path of non-violence, humility, goodness and purity. But above all that, if we understand Religion in more simple terms then the Religion is just the duty of each of the soul that he has to obey in accordance of his own eternal nature (peace, love, harmony and happiness).

The instructions, rules and beliefs that are been prescribed by various religions are mostly the same everywhere, because the instructions of a religion are meant to cleanse up the faculties (mind and intellect). Every Religion prescribes the path of love, peace, purity, happiness, respect and humanity because only these virtues can clean up the mind and the intellect of an individual and hence takes closer to The Supreme Being.

There might be some slight variations in different religions but they all are destined towards the common goal and that is the attainment of the highest abode. Now when you know the rules, beliefs, customs and norms very well, and you are even applying them all into your life can you say that you have attained THE SUPREME BEING truly? Well, to be religious is very good but at the same time you have to have a little more understanding of your own reality, who is following all those beliefs, how can you make the attainments long lasting, how to experience the eternity and last but not the least you must have the understanding of why are you following those norms, what reasons and purposes are there behind following those norms. To have this understanding in life is nothing else but the so called Spirituality.

Spirituality is the knowledge of your own reality; it is the knowledge and understanding of the purpose of the life. Why we are born on this earth, for what reason and how to lead the life is the spirituality all about. To know what is your role over your body, to know what is the righteous and true way to pursue your activities and what is the way to judge and to instruct your thoughts and actions is known as spirituality .In our everyday life we are being involved with three major activities: Thinking, Communication and Actions. Now it is must to understand the importance of all these three activities into our lives. When we understand the significance of producing the right kinds of thoughts, when we know and realize our beliefs from a right perspective and when we very well understand the importance of our every action and its outcome then we are surely leading a spiritual life.

Spirituality brings Awareness into life. It makes you aware about your every action so that you not only understand what are you doing you also knows the origin of your thought and the inspiration behind your every action. Spirituality if followed properly into life, actually makes you aware, active and accurate because then your every task is inspired by the truth and the reality of life. I think when anybody understands these realities and knows how to live a life based on the true knowledge then the rules and the norms that, the person is already following would give more beneficial results. A clear understanding about the righteous way of life, a clear knowledge of The Supreme Being's nature, his powers and his role give you a very sharp eye to perceive the natural phenomena. If you know and understands the above factors then there is no hesitation to call you as a spiritual person.

Actually, Religion involves the practical aspect and concentrates more on the disciplinary part of the life whereas Spirituality involves thinking, churning of the knowledge and then the implementation of the knowledge. Religion gives a discipline and a flow into the life. Religion disciplines the activities and actions of an individual but that discipline does not turns into a form of force or coercion that spirituality takes care of. Spirituality gives you the right understanding that discipline is the way to lead the life but it must be nourished with the input of love so that it does not become a compulsion for any one following it .love is our true nature and this right understanding must be applied into each and every action. Because we have build up so many false beliefs that is why today we are facing so many problems and hurdles and also due to which we have become ignorant about our own true reality. But here spirituality protects us by conveying the right knowledge.

Not only about the discipline, but there are many concepts into our lives that really require a deep and a clear understanding. But here in Religion and Spirituality discipline is the mandatory part that is why we must look into this that what does this concept mean for both of the streams. Since Religion disciplines the life we must check that are we tend to follow the discipline or just following the things due to some force and with ignorance. If this is the case then we must need an analysis of our knowledge and beliefs.

-Discipline cannot be done without force- is a false belief. Spirituality gives the right knowledge that discipline means to conduct those activities into life which are really good and fruitful for an individual and especially conducting those actions which are supported by The Supreme virtues. In order to conduct those activities in life an individual needs motivation, love and inspiration rather than your harsh words, force and hard attitude. Force adversely affects the efficiency of the person whereas love and motivation increases the same around a double of that. Mere following the norms, rules and conditions might seem to be easy for awhile but thinking, churning and implementing might seem tough that is why mostly people tend to follow Religion only and excludes a very important part of life that is Spirituality. It just means doing an activity without knowing its purpose and utility.

Religion and Spirituality should go simultaneously because just following the rules and beliefs would make you bore at a point of time but when these are accompanied with the right understanding of our actions, knowledge of one's reality, purpose and knowledge of The Supreme Being then an individual can experience the eternity in its true sense. Spirituality takes you inside you. If religion is a practical approach then spirituality also must be taken as a practical way to lead the life. Spirituality is not superficial but it is a practical way. Spirituality does not only mean to attain the theoretical knowledge but to apply that very knowledge into the real life in order to connect you with The Supreme Being. Knowledge resembles with the supreme Being, when you understand the true knowledge of The Supreme Being you actually enjoy doing that every action that is associated with him.

Hence, religion and spirituality both are really important to make you move forward towards The Supreme Being. If on one side religion would protect your mind and intellect with norms, rules and discipline so on the other hand spirituality would nourish you with the right understanding and right knowledge. Sometimes rules cannot simplify your problems but a clear knowledge of reality simplifies the biggest problems for you. You might not light a lamp, offer flowers in front of The Supreme Being any single day but if you stay in true remembrance of The Supreme Being, in remembrance of your own reality and able to handle your thoughts and actions well, then nobody can challenge you that you are not close to The Supreme Being.

But you must do that all with a true heart. And here I would say that to make the heart true religion helps you a lot by prescribing numerous of actions that set your lifestyle into a disciplined manner and at the same time Spirituality decorates that discipline life with the right understanding of the great virtues, values and knowledge that The Supreme Being conveys to us. So, now we can clearly see the utility of both of the concepts. And they must be adopted into the life with a fresh mind and confidence.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I am Jyotsna Gandhi. A married lady, presently working as a communication executive in an export based company, New delhi. I am a spiritual person and love to be involved in thinking and churning of the knowledge. i enjoy exploring thoughts, concepts and ideas and believe in experiencing the life on my own terms and knowledge.

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One of the best articles I have ever read on Spirituality. Writing is surely one of your greatest strengths.
Daniel 2009-07-28
Help me
Madam -- Pls. give me explaination in very short and precise. The difference between Spiritual and Religious.
Jatin Gandhi 2009-07-28
Tough topics
Religion and spirituality have so many different perspectives in different people that it is hard to emplain. Liked your way of in-depth explanation.
Vani 2009-07-27

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