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Prostitution and sexual workers spread HIV. Red light areas

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-17

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   Muhammed Haris
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Sexual workers and the practice of prostitution are the main causes of the spread of HIV in India. Most of the cities in India have the practice of prostitution and so called red light areas that are exclusively meant for sexual workers. Sometimes back there was a big fight between the governments of Goa and Karnataka. There were many village girls from Karnataka being supplied to the red light areas of Goa. It was found that these girls eventually got HIV and were spreading it to the people of Goa. The state government of Goa was blaming the government of Karnataka for it. It is true that the government actually do not have any control on the brokers that deal with supplying girls into such red light areas. Innocent girls from the villages are bought here by sexual workers who bribe them and then these girls become victims of this deadly disease.

Girls from small villages who live in poverty easily adopt the profession of prostitution since they get a lot of money in this line. These days it is also a common practice amongst girls of good families also, they do this just to get some extra pocket money. In places like Delhi where students come from all over the country for further studies, college girls are often seen being picked up from the road by elderly men. These girls are unaware of the seriousness of what they are doing and the consequences that this can have on their future.

Prostitution and HIV go hand in hand, this is mainly because most of the prostitutes are illiterate and do not care to take any precautions. Even the people that visit such red light areas are least bothered about the precautionary measures. There is a saying "There is no fear and shy for a person who has been tempted with the desire of sex". It is very common for the prostitutes and sexual workers to migrate to different parts of India which leads to the spread of HIV all over the country. At present, here are no adequate measures being taken to control the spreading of HIV through the migration of sexual workers. If this trend continues to be neglected, there is no doubt that this will have a very bad effect on the health of the people in the years to come.

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