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Product Creation and Amazing Tips that one needs to know about it.

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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   David Prakash Kumar
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While economic characteristics are expressed through: production cost, price, performance, degree of recovery of raw materials and consumption levels, the product creation process has to be in resonance with all the other characteristics and meet the economic expectations.

The relevant tips in product creation process are amazing in their simplicity:

1. Aesthetic concerns matters:

Pleasant, elegant form (design), color, taste, degree of comfort, etc. of the product are very important. In order to effectively integrate the degree of usefulness of products, the product creation department and the manufacturers must consider that these features show a great variability in time and space, and the appreciation of many of them are under the influence of subjective factors and these factors determine the customer satisfaction and also the evolution of society.

2. Reliability and maintainability:

These characteristics of product creation are imposed following the increase in the share of labor in total production and consumer durability depends increasingly on high technical complexity. All these features of consumer product quality, technical characteristics, economic, aesthetic and general features are important. The most important is the reliability that is mandatory. The designer has to excel in creating a new product or improving an existing one.

3. Creating a new product:

It is necessary to develop appropriate methods that facilitate the establishment and use of criteria for analyzing the amount of sales of a particular class of products. The purpose of such a study is to define the place they occupy in the market place and if the products concerned may be downgraded by the new product created, using new technical solutions.

4. Optimizing:

This ratio increases the quality on the one hand, and the additional costs necessary to achieve this though increased, can be offloaded by using value analysis method whose essence is manufacturing costs related to product functions and not their physical components. In this way, using the analysis method, the various companies that are making new products can maximize the value of the size and cost effectiveness.

5. The value of a product:

This is based on the degree to which it performs functions required by the market and consumers. The role of the designer is not only to create order in "the chaos" of creative ideas but it also should be "channeled" to meet certain needs. These needs are determined following analysis of consumer product. The analysis may reflect the extent to which the sales market identifies unsatisfied demand or only partially satisfied demands in the consumer.

6. Designing:
Designing has a very complex role in the creation of a new product because it does not concern itself only the product but has to develop in all stages of product realization in the form of functional, market launch, advertising, life and also the profit .The product designer also should not exacerbate the aesthetic value of products, which must coexist in full equilibrium so that it is just adequate to satisfy market demands. The designer must take into account the functional aspects of the product, technical and aesthetic aspects and try to satisfy all these requirements. The product should also be made to have quality that is maximum and minimum cost.

Most important for industrial design is the concept of product related to development to meet the needs of the consumer. This makes the product to excel in the market and the profits for the company will start flowing in automatically. .

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