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Principles of Administration

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2009-07-19

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   David Prakash Kumar
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The basic and important aspects of administration are called as the principles. These are the points that have to be remembered to make sure that the administration is able to work properly. These principles of administration are universal. They are all similar in all places and may change with time, but even the changes will be universal.

The principles of management are all very important to successfully manage an institution or an organization. They are also guidelines that help the administrators to follow and help in simplifying the process of administration.

The different principles of administration are:

1. Hierarchy:
There is a hierarchy in every administration. This may change from place to place and organization to organization, but the basic principle of hierarchy remains the same. Usually the hierarchy is in the shape of a pyramid with the leader of the organization or the head is at the top and the support staff on the lower part of the pyramid.

2. Control: The decision making and various controls are made usually by the various heads of the departments in an organization that has many departments. The final decisions on matters that concern the organization are finally made by the board or the management led by the Chairman. In smaller organizations, the decisions are made by the head of the organization.

3. Unity of command: Each employee should be answerable to only one person. If there are two different people who a person needs to answer, then there will be confusion and the employee will not be able to work to the maximum of his ability.

4. Delegation of authority: Here the head of the organization divides the authority to various heads in the organization. This makes more people accountable and also helps the management of the organization easier.

5. Specialization: Each employee should be made to do a particular kind of work. If he is made to do many different kind of work, then the individual will not be able to concentrate on a particular kind of job leading to inefficiency.

6. Objectives: The organization should have objectives and the employees and the management should strive to achieve these objectives. This will help the organization to grow.

7. Centralization and decentralization: The authority if help by the people at the top of the organization, it is called centralization. Decentralization is when the authority is delegated at various levels. The organization should have a right balance of both of these to function in an optimal manner.

These are the important principles of administration that should be followed for the organization to function effectively.

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Hello, I apprecieted this article because I learned more and adds with my own knowledge.
Abba Musa Muhammad 2009-11-17

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