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Preventing Attrition In BPO Firms

BY: Ivana Lewis | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-11-13

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   Ivana Lewis
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BPO firms have a very high attrition rate. This reflects poorly on the expenditure sheet of the company as well as on the project deadlines. Call center employers need to figure out a few things before they can build up a stable base of secure and loyal employees. Here are a few reasons why they leave and what can be done to prevent them from doing so.

Employee attrition is a real threat in any organization. There are many reasons why employees choose to move on to other companies, sometimes leaving their present company in the lurch. This problem is getting a little severe in the BPO sector. Employees in call center services are being reported to change firms too frequently. Work at business process outsourcing centers are done on a project basis. Once the project gets underway, it becomes difficult and cumbersome to find a replacement for the person who quits. So, BPO managers are looking at ways in which they can reduce attrition in this sector.

To find out how to reduce them, we need to find out why employees leave BPO firm. It could be because of a number of reasons. First up is the payment. Salary issues are important for any call center executive. They do a stressful job at unearthly hours and if they feel they are being underpaid, that itch to go out and look for better paying options will always be there. This is more dominant for employees who are better performers. Performers need appreciation in terms of monetary incentives. Business process outsourcing firms have to realize this. They need to pay the deserving candidates better salary and proper incentives. Incentives will definitely push your good performers to be better. Nothing motivates more than a good paycheck at the end of the month. Of course, it has to be within the budget.

Another reason for high employee attrition in the BPO industry is stress and work pressure. Call center jobs are highly stressful and the fact that they are mostly graveyard shifts doesn't make matters easy. Employees who attend one call after another suffer from exhaustion and burnout. Experts will agree that a night's sleep is always better for the body than a fitful sleep during the day. For this reason, employees working night shifts develop medical complications. They suffer from anxiety, indigestion and other stress-related issues. That is when it becomes necessary for employers to arrange for methods to de-stress the agents. Entertainment packages and other means of refreshing the mind have achieved great results in many organizations.

Having examined some reasons and why it leads to attrition in the BPO sector, I'd like to add that a healthy and challenging work atmosphere always helps to keep employees on their toes. You need to motivate your call center agents in the right direction. They should be made to feel part of the company. Only through a sense of belonging will employees feel safe and secure within the framework of the company. The management must extend all possible support to employees when they need it. A good gesture on the part of the management when most needed by the employee makes more impact than a raise in the salary.

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