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Preterm and prelabour rupture of membranes in pregnant women.

BY: Deena David | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-08-15

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   Deena David
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Pregnancy is a period where there can be many major complications. These complications can be life threatening for the woman. It can also lead to damage to the fetus. Preterm or prelabour rupture of membrane is one of the complications that can be seen in pregnancy.

Preterm or prelabour rupture of membranes can occur before thirty seven weeks of gestation is completed. The rupture of fetal membrane can occur without the onset of spontaneous activity of the uterus which can lead to the dilation of the cervix.

Preterm rupture of membranes approximately affects two percent of the population. Placental abruption is seen in about 4 to 7 percent of the women who are pregnant and have preterm rupture of the membranes. Once this condition occurs in a woman who is pregnant, then there is a chance of 21 to 32 percent that she will have the same condition in the next pregnancy.

Causes of Preterm or prelabour rupture of membranes:

1. Cervical incompetence:
Preterm rupture of membranes has been associated with cervical incompetence. Uterine contractions also accompany the rupture of membranes when there is cervical incompetence.

2. There is also a strong association between preterm or prelabour rupture of membranes and maternal vaginal colonization with certain pathogenic micro organisms.

Risks associated with Preterm or prelabour rupture of membranes:

1. When a pregnant woman is having preterm rupture of membranes, then the labor may occur any time. This will result in preterm birth of the child.

2. There can be maternal or fetal infections that can be associated with a condition called chorioamnionitis. This is due to the preterm rupture of membranes.

3. There can be fetal abnormalities like under development of the lung and the pulmonary system in children when there is pre term rupture of membranes.

4. Psychological: The family of the pregnant woman with the Pre term rupture of membranes is put through a great psychological burden and stress due to the uncertain outcome associated with this condition. The risks associated with this condition are great and the stress on the pregnant woman and her family is also great.

5. Other conditions that are associated with preterm rupture of membranes are cord prolapse, mal presentation of the child that is associated with preterm birth.

Management of Preterm or Pre labor rupture of membranes

1. Examination of the woman is done. This will help to understand the extent of the rupture and also help the clinician to plan the appropriate interventions.

2. Digital vaginal examination is not done to avoid the risk of infection.

3. Corticosteroids are given in cases where the preterm rupture or prelabour rupture of membranes is confirmed.

4. Antibiotics and prophylactic antibiotics can be administered to treat the infection. Prophylactic antibiotic treatment can be given in cases where there is a risk of infection.

5. If thirty two weeks of gestation has been completed, then active management is done. Induction of delivery can be done or caesarian section can be done.

This is the management that is done in pregnant women with preterm or prelabour rupture of membranes.

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About Author / Additional Info: I have completed my Masters Degree in Paediatric Nursing. I am a writer with a passion for writing. I have been writing for some blogs and other sites. Comments are welcome at the following e mail address: deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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