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Pressure on children of studies

BY: Guest | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-12-29

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Written and emailed by: ARMIN SINGH

Do you remember the time when you had your child right there in your arms. You and your family bumming with happiness and joy. You make many plans at that time for your small prince like supporting him, guiding him, make him successful in life, helping him to be the best, and getting him all the comforts in his life. Then after a few weeks you take your small prince to your home which is the starting line for the child. Yes!that starting line from which he remains unknown till now.

In the first 6 years everything goes fine. The child enjoys his life and starts to understand the environment around him and human feelings for each other. He makes new friends, new relationships. And then then while he grows his base of knowledge he simply grows older and the date of the race coming nearer.

As he grows older about 7-10 years the parents start to begin this race for him by making many dreams for him and believing that one day he will become a distinguished person who will support them when his/her parents are in need. It's not wrong for the aspirer's but somewhere there is something wrong, it is this that even before understanding him nicely we begin to organize the race not even if he is ready or not. Well, slowly the child's race starts and as he travels in this race he realizes that he must become the best and fulfill his parent's dreams. The parents become happy when he shows signs of excellence his parents become happy but even in this simple situation they find benefits for themselves. Slowly the parents start to raise the level and demand more by the children but the child does not understand such situations, he simply thinks that obeying his parents is what he should do. But as time passes the demand is so much that the child starts to lose his freedom, his thoughts and his personality. He is trained to obey his parents as his ringmaster. The parents make him feel afraid of various punishments so that he works harder and give good returns to his masters who nursed and nurtured the child.

In all this, one thing remains certain the child is never asked what does he long for. He is told to do things which he never likes to do. Since the child never had any interest in the things he was told to do, he never learnt to do them perfectly. By seeing this the parents start to get furious on the innocent soul and shower their anger upon him. He is shouted at, beaten, sometimes brutally punished just because he never learned to do one thing that his masters told him. In all this the master overlooks the fact that he never really explained it well to his sweet animal. But still the animal works hard and hard to perfect it, but he never succeeds. Why?because he was never even asked whether he liked to do that work and if he did, did he ever understand it.

By seeing such poor results the parents start to fill the child's head with foolish propositions of failure and unsuccessfulness. They convince him that his life is a race and if he is left out in this race then his parents would be affected. But do they think of even asking him that does he need any help from them? Instead they ask others to guide them by keeping paid tutors, teachers, courses which make things even more complicated because when the programming done by the parents in the child was with errors then no matter how many instructions are piled up in him the result will always be wrong from the child. And the worst part is that everyone believes that it's the child's fault not the parents.

Anyhow the child runs along the race track and when he finishes last in the race he looks back and thinks that"I wish if my parents had not started this brutal race for me. I wish only once they would have asked me whether I really wanted to participate in this race at all or whether the race interested me. ''But when he realizes this it's already to late to start back again.

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