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Preschool activities

BY: JNLakshmi | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-09-07

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Preschool stage is an important one in every kid. These are 3 to 5 year olds. At this stage, the kid open up and learn by experience and doing it. You may notice that kids at this stage play lot of imaginary games, for example, a preschool boy often pretends that, there is a monster in a room and he moves around to destroy it, or pretend to be a doctor, police or so. They play with imaginary friends too.

We need to introduce them to new toys and games that stimulate their imagination and thinking. Though children get attracted to the commercials in the TV and wanted to buy the toys of their choice, Parents must introduce them to toys so that kids try to learn something in play way and develop skills. In this way we get to know about the child's interest also. We need to indulge the kids in such activities that will increase their observation and dexterity.

Building Blocks, clay moldings are good ones, which helps the kid put his imagination to work by designing and creating something. Jigsaw puzzles, wooden cube puzzle, are very good preschooler activity. It helps them to improve their intellectual skills.

We can buy them coloring books and let them use different colors and express their creativity. Another activity would be to get them use the kid's scissors and make them cut on the line. Work on some cut and paste arts. All these help in to develop fine motor skills in a kid. Some games like magnetic fishing, catching the ball, LEGO toys help children to develop hand-eye coordination. Card games like memory match, helps to improve their memory power.

While teaching children about basic shapes, alphabets and numbers, we can use flash cards and teach them instead of just writing on a paper and telling them. Children grasp and understand much faster, if we show and teach them in a play way.

Preschool children who watch educational television do better on reading and math tests than children who don't. But too much television (more than one to two hours a day, including video games and video cassettes), can be detrimental to your child's well-being.

We can also have circle time, that is, you can sit with your child and read a story to him and you can also ask your child to tell a small story to you. It actually calms the children down and helps them to focus. We can buy or visit the library and get simple colorful books and read it to them and boost their pre-reading skills and insist the love of reading.

We can buy them scooter, roller bade or bicycle and indulge them in outdoors. Also, introduce the child to some physical activities like kicking the ball, kite flying, playing catch catch games can be interesting too. Playing such games help them to get them some fresh air and help them burn some of their endless energy. We can also teach them swimming in that way, make them used to water.

At this stage, we may also make the children to do some small household chores. Like putting the chocolate papers, juice carton in the garbage, taking the dishes to the sink after they finish, clean up the toys when they are done playing, Putting their cloths in the closet and the used ones in the laundry. This will help them learn their responsibility and take in-charge.

Happy Parenting!!

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