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Preachings of Islam about Respecting and Honoring Guests.

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-08-31

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   Muhammed Haris
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Honoring guests is considered a noble over the world, regardless of religion you follow. In almost all religious books you will find quotes highlighting the importance of honoring and respecting our guests.

Islam, the religion which I follow, quotes many examples about the way how Prophet Muhammad and his followers were following in terms of respecting guests. Followers of Prophet use to offer food and comfort to their guests in the best possible way within their means. There were many instances when individuals just did not have enough food, in that case they use to offer the everything to their guests and fast themself.

There is an interesting instance in one of the books of Hadith (The life style of Prophet Muhammad). Once some guests visited the house of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad. The quantity of food they had was just good enough for their own dinner. But that (host) couple just pretended as if they had food just a while back and they simply fed all the food to their guests. Next day this couple happen to meet Prophet Muhammad and even though the couple never mentioned about their previous day sacrifice, Prophet said "I got to know from Angel Gabriel about the sacrifice you people did in the last night. God is very pleased by your act of respecting and honoring the guests, and feeding them from your portion of the dinner. You deserve a great reward for it."

There are a lot of instances in life when the guest visiting your home is not a person you like (you hate that person). If such a person visits your home to speak on a compromise, Islam teaches that you must honor him as a guest to your home regardless of your personal feelings. In my own life I have experienced some instances of it and tried to follow Lord Prophet's teachings about honoring the guests.

Initially, I was also not comfortable honoring people I dislike ( so called enemies). I use to find it hard not to stop myself from questioning them. Then I got spiritual answer that "The holy religion orders us to behave us so". I was simply dumbfounded. But it is hard to find this attitude in younger generations these days. If we could continue following the noble sayings of Islam or any other religion (since all religions instruct honoring guests), we can set up a noble example of humanity towards building universal culture of love and peace.

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