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Pre-requisites for Cross Cultural Communication

BY: JoJustin | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2010-02-25

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Communication is an important aspect of the life. There is no person who will be able to survive without communication. There are people who are able to communicate within their own group and there are also other people who communicate with people form various other cultures. This communication between people of various groups is called as cross cultural communication.

There are various aspects of cross cultural communication that are very important. These can also be considered to be the pre requisites of cross cultural communication. These pre requisites include the following aspects.

1. Self-awareness: understand own culture:

Before the communication process, one has to be aware of their own culture. This will help the person to be able to communicate better. The communication process will be successful only when both the people are aware of their own cultures. This is because this helps in sharing of ideas and knowledge easier between the two people. This in turn helps to make the communication process to be successful.

2. Understanding and respect of others:

People of one culture and another culture will be able to communicate better only if they have mutual respect for each other. If one of the people does not have the respect too, the dialogue and communication will be lost. This should be remembered in all places where cross culture communication is used.

3. Mutual sharing and learning:

Mutual learning and sharing is also part of the cross cultural communication. There are many people who have various differences and similarities. All these should be set apart when they communicate with each other. In any communication, there is a mutual involvement, since it is not only one person talking to the other. As they share their ideas on various aspects, there should also be leaning happening in the situation. This is because only when the person shares their ideas will learning occur. This makes sharing and leaning to be integral part of any cross cultural communication.

4. Analysis of culture:

There should also be an analysis of the culture of the other person during the cross cultural communication. This will help the person to have adequate knowledge of the other culture. This in turn will be very useful in making the communication process to be successful. There are many people who talk to another person in depth about various topics without analyzing the culture of the other person. This can lead to various problems. The reason for this is that a particular topic may be a taboo in one culture and may not be talked about. This should not be used by the other person as this can cause hurt and problems between the two people who are communicating.

5. Find common ground: build bridges:

This is another important aspect of the communication process. There should be a common ground on which the people should try to find a bridging factor. This means to say that the people involved in the process of communication should understand the similarities between themselves and then try to build a friendship over the similarities.

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