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Practical Tips to Sustain Your Weight Loss

BY: SEdwin | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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There are people who go on a diet or exercise program every day to reduce their weight. The craze to reduce the weight and also lead a healthy lifestyle has made more and more people to try to go on an exercise or diet program to reduce their weight. The problem with most of the diet and exercise programs is that the weight loss is not sustainable. The reason for this is the fact that these diet and weight loss programs use various medications to try and make the person to lose the water from the body. Once these diet programs have made the person to lose the weight they were supposed to in a particular time frame, the medications are stopped and the diet is said to be successful.

The person goes off the limelight and then slowly but steadily the person starts to regain the weight that had been lost for a while. This makes one to understand the futility of these weight programs. The reason for these non sustainable methods to lose weight is that people like a quick fix solution to the weight problem, but it does not work that way. The weight loss has to be started with the fat tissue and not with the water content in the body. There are certain methods of losing the fat in the body and these are the sustainable methods of reducing the weight of the person where the weight once lost does not come back on.

1. Aerobic Exercises:

The person who is interested in losing the weight by losing the fat in the body should start the process by doing aerobic exercises. This method of exercising is the best method that can be used to reduce the weight of the person. The reason for this is that these aerobic exercises are slow repetition and slow intensity exercises. This means that the muscles are exercised repetitively, but slowly. This causes the muscles to contract again and again and the muscle does not use the energy from the instant energy source which is the carbohydrate, but takes the energy from the fat deposits. This reduces fat content in the body.

2. Weight lifting exercises:

The aerobic exercises are not the only type of exercises that should be done to reduce the weight of the person. Though the aerobics are best exercises, the aerobics should also be combined with some resistance exercises or weight lifting exercises. The resistance exercises will help the person to be able to increase the muscle bulk. When the muscle bulk increases, the fat deposits in the muscles decrease. At the same time, the increase in the muscle mass causes the metabolism in the body to increase and so there is a lot more calories that are expended. This increased calorie loss also causes the person to lose weight.

These are the important factors that play a role in reducing the fat deposits in the body and reduce the weight of the person which is sustainable.

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