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Poverty in India REVISITED..

BY: Abhi | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-25

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India is for some reason or the other always in news, more for negative reasons than positive. If we talk of sports, specially cricket or Bollywood for that matter then surely we are one of those who lead positively, but since that's not all that matters or the only issue of concern, the biggest stigma India still deals with is poverty.

Poverty refers to the impossibility in fulfilling even the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for a certain group of people whom we call poor. Poor or deprived (whichever suits your palette) people of India generally are the ones living in rural areas, villages and small towns; surely poverty also exists in urban life but to a limited extent unlike villages.

After this long but necessary intro, its time to present the cause, results and possible solutions pertaining to poverty.

The chief reason behind poverty in India traces to centuries back into history and that is UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Zamidars used to harass their inferiors making them toil and they used to sit back in comfort counting their money. Wealth was distributed in an absurd and unacceptable way since then. So a section became rich and the rest poor, undoubtedly the latter formed the bulk.
The secondary but very significant cause of poverty lies in our population. Yes, this is one more zone where we almost lead apart from cricket and Bollywood.

The overwhelming POPULATION EXPLOSION that India was and is suffering from has played an imperative role in etching a way for poverty. Quite a simple logic - increasing demand is to be fulfilled, for which a fixed measure of resources (money/energy/property/facilities) is to be shared by more and more people, so the share becomes minimal, consequently the people forced to be content with that nominal share are termed as poor, and rightly so.

LACK OF OPTIMISM, interest, awareness, logic, intelligence, etc also cumulatively contributes to the present state of poverty in a section of people in India. Ignorance about possibilities of building resources, man power and their implementation and procedures makes things worse. The only possible way of mitigating poverty is to eradicate or eliminate the very reasons behind the situation which are deep routed. While the government does their best, or at least makes us believe they do so, the face of poverty in India is far from changing as of now, unless the almighty bestows the poor with riches.

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i wanna say thanx to you for such a nice article... i am doing MBA, thats wwhy i am in need of such articles.
sahil gupta 2009-09-10
Nice one again
Nice Abhi .. interesting perspective .. Abdul from JMI
Abdul 2009-08-25

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