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Popular Tourist Attractions Of Finland. Places To See In Finland.

BY: Travel Lover | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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   Travel Lover
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Well known for its Nokia Headquarters, Finland is also believed to be one of the most industrialized nations of the world, housing giant industries and large telecommunication sector. It has a fine blend of rural and urban tourist sites with rich cultural and historical background along with a modern lifestyle. The most popular tourist attractions of Finland comprise of - Helsinki Senate Square, Suomenlinna sea fortress, Halti mountain along with the surrounding area, a cruise tour to Mariehamn and Koli Bomba Karelian heritage area.


Helsinki is the most popular tourist attraction of Finland has the maximum number of places to see in Finland. Lying in the northern part of the country, it is the largest and the capital city of Finland. The most popular tourist attractions of Helsinki are - Suomenlinna Fortress, Senate Square, Uspenski Cathedral, Market Square, Seurasaari Open air museum, Temppeliaukio church and the national museum of Finland.

Northern Lights
One of the most popular things to see in Finland are the Northern Lights. The northern Laplands is considered to be the best place to see the Northern Lights in order to get good a view of the lights. This unique natural phenomenon is mesmerizing to the eyes and draws tourists from all over the world.

The city Rauma lies along the coast of Finland and is a part of the UNESCO world heritage. Old Rauma which is a big Harbour along with a lively and colorful market is a very popular place to see in Finland. The area consists of over 220 shops. Places to see in Rauma include - The Church of holy cross, Lonnstrom Art Museum, Rauma Museum, Marela Museum and Kirsti which is a old Rauma house.

The city of Oulu is mainly popular for its universities, cathedrals, museums, market squares and the popular Tietomaa Science Centre along with greenery all around.

This 750 years old town is a popular tourist attraction Finland. It houses a 13th century castle which has been converted into a museum now. Around Christmas is the best time to visit this fascinating town since thousands of people come here to listen to the proclamation of a Christmas declaration. The other popular attractions here include its Gothic cathedral and the Handicrafts museum.

With over 150,000 lakes in this area, Lakelands is the right place for nature and water lovers. There are a lot tourist attractions here including islands, lakes, canals and several passages. A lot of water activities like boating and fishing are also very popular.

Finish Laplands
Well known for its midnight sun, Finish Laplands are a popular tourist attraction of Finland. There are several good skiing resorts also in this area, Levi Ski resort being the most popular one.

Ainola is the place for Jean Sibelius lovers who was a great composer of Finland and had spent a part of his life here. People come here to see how he and his life lived.

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Finland - The Land of the Midnight Sun
Finland is probably not one amongst the most heavily promoted overseas travel destinations that you will come across. But the `Land of the Midnight Sun` is an enchanting place if ever there was one. A Finland trip may be considered a true escape from everything you are familiar with, not to mention the drudgery of daily chores and ensuing fatigue. The tourist destinations in Finland epitomize the essence of this land of seasonal contrasts and pristine natural surroundings. The cities of Finland, which chiefly constitute the list of attractions, are Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Kuopio and Porvoo.
Anonymous 2009-10-23

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