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Popular Tourist Attractions Of Belgium. Places To See In Belgium.

BY: Travel Lover | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-08-25

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   Travel Lover
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Belgium is a small country in size but one of the most popular tourist attractions of Europe. It is located in the western part of Europe bordering Netherlands in the north, Germany in the east, France in the west and the south. Dotted with rich heritage sites and architectural wonders, Belgium has fabulous things to see and do that have been drawing tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of places to see in Belgium, the most popular tourist cities of Belgium are Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Liege.

The 65 kilometers of sandy beach along its coastline has always been a major attraction for the tourists. The sun on these beaches does not damage the skin that much due to the content of iodine and salt in the air, therefore it is preferred by sunbathers over other beaches. Also, there are several recreational activities available here both for children as well as adults ranging from bicycling, bungee jumping, sailing, fishing, horse riding or just surfing the beach.

Belgium is also popular for its large variety of Belgium beers. Hundreds of different types beers are brewed here, making it its national drink. Delirium Cafe has one of the largest selections of beer in the whole world. Along with beer Belgium is also known for its mouth watering cuisines. Almost all small and large restaurants offer a large variety of sea food, meat and poultry with Beef, Pork and Sheep being the most popular meats that are served by the restaurants. Belgium chocolates are also popular all round the world.


The capital city of Belgium, Brussels has a large number of attractions to be explored by its visitors. It comprises of some of the most magnificent and splendid palaces and churches that are based on both classical and Gothic styles of architecture. Some of the popular things to see here are- Mannekin Pin which is the most popular statue of Belgium, the Grand Palace located in the Grote Market, the Royal Museum of fine Art, Town Square which is a collection of houses as well as the Gothic Town Hall but will leave you mesmerized with its beauty, Atomium which is in the shape of a large iron crystal with nine atoms. Other popular attractions are Cosmic Strip Museum and the gigantic Royal Park.

Also known as the 'Venice of the North' Bruges is a popular tourist attraction of Belgium. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe which has also been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2000. The whole city is covered with canals, cobbled streets and attractive homes that cast their images into the water. The city consists of a wide range of attractions including museums, historical architecture, churches and canals. Some of its fine architecture includes which has the sculpture of Madonna by Michelangelo. Basilica Of The Holy Blood is another popular church which is said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ. Other popular places to see in Bruges include Groeninge Museum that has paintings from six centuries, the Memling museum and the Beguinage which is a market place. Most of the tourist destinations are explored by foot, boat or on a horse. Moules and chocolates have also been the specialties of this area.

The city of Antwerp has been known for its historic diamond industry and popular underwater tunnel at the Auatopia Aquarium where the tourists are able to get a very close view of the sea world through a glass tunnel. Antwerp Zoo is also a popular tourist attraction housing over 5000 animals. Other attractions include Catamaran Castle and Pirateiland which the country's biggest indoor playground.

Liege is also a popular tourist attraction of Belgium, mainly known for its historic and old landmarks. Some of the places to see in Liege are Carre which is a historic centre, Outremeuse district which is known for its riverside pathways, Town Hall that is known for its unique architecture, Palace of the Prince Bishops dating back to the 16th century and the Saint Paul Cathedral. Another place to see is Mountain of Bueren which has more than 375 stairs to climb before you are able enjoy wonderful views of the city.

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