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Politics and corruption in India

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: India | Post Date: 2010-01-17

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Politics seems to be a taboo word in India. If the number of young aged politicians is counted, there will only be a handful. Another interesting fact is that even in the politicians who have young age; most of them are those who have either their parents or their relatives in various political parties in India. It is very rare to see a new person entering into politics in India and being successful. This highlights the fact that even in politics, only if the person is able to pull strings, they will be able to survive.

Corruption in India:
The corruption in India is rampant because of various reasons. The politicians are the major cause of the large scale corruption. India is very high in the list of the most corrupt countries. The reason is because of the fact that almost all of the politicians are corrupt. Only a hand full of politicians is sincere and not corrupt. These politicians are the ones who make the politics in India still a worthwhile occupation.

Things to do to control corruption in India:

Policy decision:

There should be a policy decision in various forums to control the corruption in India. There are many forums like the lawyers forums, and various other forums that are present in India and the corruption in political circles should be discussed and after discussion, the forum should make adequate decisions that will help to control corruption. Each and every forum should discuss the corruption that is prevalent in the country and they should make decisions on the various aspects of corruption and also decide on the punishments and these forums should make sure that heir decisions are heard in the political circles.

Collective change:

There should be a collective change in the political circles of India. The change is usually internal and should be from each politician. This may not be possible at all times. Each and every politician in the country should sign a declaration that they would not be corrupt. If these people are found to be corrupt, then they should have punishment that is stringent and they should not be allowed to hold any public office for their whole life. This will deter the politicians from being corrupt.

Stringent punishments:

The punishments that are given to the people in the political circles for being corrupt should be uniform and not decide on the level of their political status. It should also not depend on their severity of corruption. All corrupt people should be punished equally. Punishments should include a jail term, fine and also other punishments that ban the person from all political activities. This will make the politicians be more careful and they will avoid getting bribe from any person.

Once the politicians are not corrupt, then all the public offices will also stop being corrupt. This is an important step and decisions that all the people and the politicians need to make if India is to be a developed country in the next few decades. These steps should be taken as son as possible for India to be on the growth path and not be static.

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