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Political dramas in Karnataka State, India

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-03

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   Muhammed Haris
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In Karnataka state politics there has been an interesting drama in the last ten years. Generally in other states of India, there are only two main parties, one of which wins a clear majority after the election results are out. But in Karnataka State there has always been a three-way fight between Congress, BJP and JD(S) parties and a combination of two is required to form the state government. They have state chief ministers from all three parties. Often a weak coalition government is formed with two major parties along with some independent candidates.

So ministers from different parties hold different posts, even the chief minister and deputy chief minister are often of two different parties. When a crutial decision has to be taken it does not get enough votes because of their differences. It's like a vehicle with two drivers. On every road crossing, both the drivers want to turn the vehicle into two different directions. Finally the vehicle reaches no where.

Recently, the Karnataka State assembly gave a unique (bad) example of forming a government with the coalition, one of them was a Secular party and another a Hinduism party. Finally government ended because one party cheated another, by not giving the chief minister post to the other party candidate as promised. Whenever they were asked about their reasoning for not fulfilling their word, there was an interesting justification by saying "Even Lord Krishna had lied, so there was nothing wrong in whatever lie we said and by not handing over the chief minister post". JD(S) chief, former Prime Minister, is playing with his political talent in bringing all sort of interesting dramas.

But amongst all these political drama, local citizens of Karnataka are being exploited. Say, 'Party one' had promised a system or a project. When they are about to bring that, there comes change in government and 'Party two' comes to power. This new party does not allow that system or project to be implemented. This new government had promised some other thing during campaign, and when 'Party two' initiative is about to be implemented, there comes again a change in the government. The loop never ends.

Public is simply left waiting and all these fake promises are never fulfilled. Usually these political parties blame and quarrel with one another. Public can only witness these political dramas helplessly. End of the day, no action is taken for the development of the state of Karnataka.

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