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Play on Staffing process

BY: GalUR0ck | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-01-25

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Note: -All characters in this play are fictitious and does not resemble to any living character, but all incidences in this play are -PURELY COINCIDENTAL-

Scene 1: Workers on Strike - ABCD Hai Hai!!!

Mr A the boss: Calls in the Union Leader (Ms C / Ms N)

Ms C: Explains the Organisational Change Process, Management has decided to chuck off excess people (319 to 321)

Lewin - Unfreeze - Move - Freeze

Union Leader is adamant on some solution (genuinely bargains)

Ms C: Explains the OD process where young new recruits are required for the Pune Branch (Page no 319 to 321)

Union Leader: What about Existing people?

Mr A: We will take some of their children based on their merit through our selection and recruitment process.

We will pay you Rs 500,000 to get out of this

Union Leader thinks and agrees but wants to know about the selection, recruitment and training process.

Mr A calls Ms B and Ms C

Ms B explains the HRM Process, Training (Page no 264 to 272 and 316 to 319)

Ms C explains the Selection: (Page no 305 to 316)

Ms C explains Recruitment: (Page no 272 to 283)

Union Leader still has more queries

Mr A says enough of information provided. You can come and collect your cash next week.

Union Leader leaves

Scene 2: Office Scene
These are all new children of the chucked off workers:

Ms N - HR Manager
Ms B - (Ms N's relative) Flattering kinds
Mr A - Straight forward
Ms C - Hardworking
Ms C - Negative Energy
Ms N: Tells Ms B to inform all that there is a meeting tomorrow on Performance Appraisal. Team to gather in Conference Room no 1 at 8 sharp

Ms B: Goes out and tells Ms C that Madam's mood is not good today and there is a meeting at 8 tomorrow

Ms C goes and tells Ms C: Madam's mood is not good, tomorrow meeting at 8 am, many are going to lose jobs.

Ms C goes and tells Mr A: Madam's mood is not good, tomorrow meeting at 8 am, many are going to lose jobs, and she is going to announce tomorrow that this will be the last month when we will be paid salary.

Mr A is agitated at this. (Remembers about his Father being thrown out)

Next day

7:30 hours - Ms B comes in Ms N's cabin and offers her a full packet of her favorite sweets. Complements her

8:00 hours - Meeting starts

8:02 hours - Mr A fumes at Ms N and asks her an explanation for terminating their services

Ms N is shocked at this and asks in turn who has spread this rumour. The meeting is about Performance Appraisal

Silence for few minutes

Ms N: Explains Performance Appraisal, Advantages, Objectives, Types, Tools etc

She delegates the responsibility to Mr A to finish it in this week and give her the report by Monday.

Mr A accepts the responsibility but says he needs to speak to her and Ms B

Ms C and Ms C leave

Mr A complains about Ms B delaying his report coz of cutting vegetables in office, reading newspaper whole day.

Ms B shoots back saying he also does talk to his girl friend for hours together.

Ms N is shocked at this.

She explains that Ms B's job involves a lot of creative work and hence she needs to read newspaper.

She demands an explanation on vegetable on which Ms B said she did it only once when there was electricity cut

Ms N warns Ms B in front of Mr A.

Ms N: Mr A, I would like to talk to just Ms B. I will call you a little later

Mr A leaves with a smile and tells Ms C and Ms C about Ms B's firing sessions

In the cabin, Ms N talks to Ms B

She smiles and says, This guy has issues with everything, look Ms B since now hez complained stop cutting vegetables instead (hands over a woolen ball) sieve me a nice sweater.

Ms B smiles back and gives suggestions of having teddy bears on sweaters. Ms N says, -oh you are so creative-

Ms N: So how is everything at home?

Ms B gossips about the sis-in-law.

Ms N opens the sweet box and eats the sweets meanwhile, exclaims -I am very happy with your performance-

Ms B asks for leave tomorrow coz she has some personal work

Ms N agrees readily

Once Ms B leaves, Ms N is busy on an informal call and plans for lunch outside

Ms N calls Ms C and Ms C and asks them to do Ms B's work tomorrow.

She leaves saying shez got a business lunch and an important project meeting and so will not return to office today.

Once she leaves, its party time at office. Ms B is a silent spectator so as to report these to Ms N tomorrow.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Hi this is Namita again, this was my first presentation at my MBA class. I was awake the entire nite to write this, fix role plays, dialogue writing, creating that funny start with the Important Note. I am extremely happy to say, we received tremendous response. The main plus points were the humour element, creativity of presenting the subject, expressions, communication skills.

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