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Planning an Activity | Benefits of a Planned Approach in Life

BY: JoJustin | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-02-22

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Planning is a very important part of any activity. Planning is in fact the cornerstone of any successful initiative. It is also important in the success of the person while doing any activity. Each and every one of us plans various aspects of our life either in our professional activity or our family life. Most of these plans occur without our conscious knowledge that we are planning.

Planning is important because success of a person or an activity depends on it. There are many other benefits that are related to planning and they are as follows.

1. Time saving:

A person who is able to plan adequately in advance about an activity is able to save a lot of time. The time saving that is done by the person will help to use the time for something better than can be done to improve the person's life or improve the work done by the individual. Adequate early planning prevents the person to rush at the last minute for certain work that has to be done and so helps in saving time.

2. Effective & faster achievements:

As a person saves time and also plans ahead, it helps the person to be effective and also helps in achieving various things faster. If planning is not done, then the effectiveness of a particular job is diminished. Along with the diminished effectiveness, achievements are also delayed for the person. This is another important reason for the need for planning.

3. Unity of purpose, clear-cut methods of doing things & focus on the objectives & targets to be achieved:

Planning helps in focusing on the most important aspects of the job. There is also a purpose behind every activity. This is because inadequate planning will cause the person to have no purpose in most of the work done. Planning increases the purpose behind each activity. Planning also makes the work to be streamlined. A person doing a job need not think of what needs to be done at the last moment. Instead, the person will be able to do various activities in a purposeful and streamlined manner if adequate planning is done.

4. Continuity of care:

Planned work is continuous and not disjointed. A work that is done by the person becomes very disjointed if the person does not know what steps to take next in a job. This is what happens when one does not have planned work.

5. Minimal cost:

Planning also decreases the cost of the activity that is performed. This is because in any planned activity adequate budgeting is done to identify the various costs and also expenditure. This helps the person to be able to save a lot of money and so minimizes the cost of the actual work that is done.

6. Careful usage of resources:

Planning also minimizes the use of various resources. The reason for this is that when a person uses things, the planning will help to budget for the specific number of various items needed and wastage is reduced.

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