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Picking the Right Wedding Photographer

BY: Aprillove Andy | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-12-11

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   Aprillove Andy
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Keeping the memory alive is one of the most important job descriptions of a photographer. He or she alone will be responsible for keeping the memory tangible. With that, whenever you have a special event, a wedding, birthday or baptismal perhaps, you need to pick the right photographer that can keep the memory alive in a beautiful and special way.

There are many people who take pictures for a living but only a chosen few have the right to be called a photographer. How then will you choose the right photographer for your special event? Here are some pointers:

1. Make a list of photographers that you have in mind. From the list you now have several prospects to choose from. You can ask your friends, relatives, etc for photographers that they have already worked with.

2. Most photographers nowadays already has websites, so either Google them or check out their website, if you have the address. In their websites, they have a portfolio of their work. From there, check out the work of the photographer that will suit best with your taste.

3. For those photographers that does not have a website, you can visit their shop to check out the work that they have done, they would be more than happy to entertain you and answer any questions that you have. However, remember not to pick that photographer right then and there, be sure to compare it first to the other photographers in your list. Then rank the top three photographers of your choice on your list .

4. To avoid wasting your time, only contact the top three on your list ( provided that you have not visited their shop yet), once you have made contact, you can now personally talk to the photographer and ask the questions that you would want to ask. With this interview, you can now find out, which photographer you are most comfortable with. Remember, being comfortable with a photographer, can really bring out the best in you and with that beautiful pictures will follow.

5. During the interview, you can explain to the photographer what kind of event or occasion that will be held. After that, you can then ask him or her if he or she have had any experience with a similar event , if they do, then you can ask them how will he or she make the photos in that event special or unique from the other similar events that they have handled. In this particular are, you really have to take note of their answers, since this is the deciding factor on which photographer you should pick for your special event.

6. Another thing to remember is there are photographers that specialize in certain areas such as wedding, studio portraits, corporate events, birthdays and others.

With those pointers, picking the right Wedding photographer will not be difficult anymore. A photographer will shoulder a big responsibility in any events, so you really have to pick the right Wedding photographer that will keep the memory alive in a beautiful and unforgettable way.

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