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Persona to process philosophy

BY: sonu | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-09-07

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Highlighting Process Philosophy
Philosophies can be distinguished as either Process or Substantive. The former type relates to process and impermanence as being the fundamental features of existence. The latter one relates to things, substances and their defining -essences-.

Both the Philosophies can again be further subdivided into Mechanistic or Transcendental. Mechanistic Philosophy where one side refers to only physical things or processes that completely explain the Universe, Transcendental Philosophy on the other side claim that physical matter or physical processes are inadequate to explain the Universe, in particular the activities of the human mind and its products.

Process Philosophy can also be referred to as -Ontology of Becoming- in layman's words. It identifies metaphysical reality with change and dynamism. To be noted Process Philosophy does not characterize change as illusory or as purely accidental to the substance but as the cornerstone of reality or -Being-.
Few philosophers believe that Process of influencing is never deterministic. Thus accept this fact as an occasion of experience which in turn consists of a process of prehending other experiences and then a reaction to it. This is the process in process philosophy.

The Philosophy of Process is a venture in metaphysics, the general theory of reality. The main concern in it is with what exists in the world and with the terms of reference in which this reality is to be understood and explained. Process Philosophy puts processes at the forefront of philosophical and specifically of Ontological concern.

Process Philosophy has a complex two sided relationship with the theory of evolution. For secular, antheological processists evolution typifies the creative workings of a self-sustaining nature that dispenses with the services of God.For Theological processists evolution exhibits God's handwriting in the book of nature.

Process philosophy is said to be a fundamentally prismatic complex and has internal variations.

Process Philosophy: In context of religion:
Process Philosophy for some gives god a special place in the universe of occasions of experience. God encompasses all other occasions of experience but also transcends them. According to Whitehead the consequent nature of God prehends everything that happens in reality.

According to Griffin Religion is equated with the desire to be in harmony with ultimate reality. Griffin's concern is with discussing issues of truth, and he envisions philosophy of religion as the means by which to do this. Religion can be revealed as the attempt to connect with reality.

Philosophy of Religion
It is considered that branch of Philosophy that concerns with philosophical study of religion, including arguments over the nature and existence of God, religious language, miracles, prayer, problem of evil and relationship between religion and other value-systems such as science , ethics and others. It is sometimes distinguished from religious philosophy concerning philosophical thinking inspired and directed by religion. Philosophy of Religion is the Philosophical thinking about religion which can be carried out dispassionately by a believer and non-believer alike.

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