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Peace and development of a nation

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2009-08-03

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   Muhammed Haris
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We all know that peace and development are interrelated, they both go hand in hand. When there is peace in a nation, only then can it concentrate on its development. When there are peace breaking things happening in a nation, the government has to just concentrate in bringing peace. When there are international or internal wars, most of the money in the budget requires to be spent on resolving the problem, either to win an international war or to stop the internal war. The time, money and energy that could have been utilized for the development of a nation through enhancing the education system, transportation and much more, has to be wasted in bringing peace.

In India there are groups like naxalites which are regularly harming the peace in the name of fighting for the law. But actually that is not the right way to get things done they only act as a hurdle for the development of the nation. When they are creating violence the police and military forces have to just keep fighting with them. Even the economy and the business of the nation are being affected by such violence. For the peace and development of the nation, they need to think and realize their responsibilities as citizens and more serious measures need to be taken against them by the government.

At the international level there are wars taking place for insignificant reasons. The nation that starts such wars should think and realize that nobody is going to gain out of a war. Instead, both the countries are stopping their growth, where as other countries who are their competitors are running way ahead on the track of growth. Even the growth at global economy and global technological development slows down because of a war between two countries.

So there should be a healthy competition between the people and nations. Finally that benefits everybody, unlike a war that harms the peace and development. There should be discussions taking place at international level about these problems, instead of simply enforcing rules which are being regularly broken. Wars not only take lives of the army men but several innocent people die as well. Every nation needs to solve its own problems first before interfering in the matters of other countries which ultimately leads to a war, only then can we hope for the peace and development of a nation.

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