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Participation of children in TV reality shows

BY: chitracs | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2008-10-19

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Due to increase of new TV channels and tough competition in the field, the viewer attention is considered as the main point to select the programs. The tremendous changes were brought in the TV programs, to attract more and more viewers. Suddenly there is a craze for reality shows. The reality has gone in the reality shows now. Just for the sake of money and popularity everybody wishes to show their head in the shows. Previously, the elders and youth participated in the shows and now it is open for children also.

The parents are very happy when the children participate in the reality shows and win prizes. But, is it possible to win prize by everybody? Some children may be having much interest in studies and sports activities. But, to get fame and money, the parents and others may compel the child to participate in TV reality shows. We object child labour and we are not encouraging children to do jobs in other fields. When the children below the age of 12 participate in a reality show, it may attract the eyes of many people and the program may become super hit. The producer may earn lot of money by way of advertisements and the parents/guardians may line up to make the children to take part in the show. But, anybody bothers about the feelings of the children?

In one TV reality show, when the judges reprimanded a child, the child collapsed. Is it required? Who is responsible for this? To attract more viewer ratings, the judges are asked to act rudely to the participants. The participating children and the parents should be well equipped to face failure and disappointment. They may feel that their performance is good but the judges may find some faults which may not be visible to them. They should not react sharply to such issues.

It is heard that the children are misused by some TV reality show people. Now, we see the children of the age of about 6 or 7 even participating in shows. For participating in the reality shows, the children are made to wait for hours, without food and drink. In the growing age, they need to take balanced diet, which is denied to them, due to participation in such shows. The excess light and noise may make them sick.

The opinion of public, child specialists and psychologists should be taken to fix the minimum age of participation in TV reality shows. They should analyse from the view point of the children and decide whether the hard work done for participation would affect the children physically and mentally. Some people suggested that instead of making cash payment to the children, it may be paid in the form of bonds or fixed deposits, so that they could enjoy the money after becoming major. The children should be allowed to attend school and continue education and at any cost, the studies should not be discontinued for the sake of participation in reality shows. The number of hours spent for participation should be restricted and the children should not be made awake sacrificing their sleep. The parents and others should not handle the children as the commodity and the children should be treated properly. They should be allowed to play and act in the same way just like other children. The children should not be allowed to sing or dance to the songs of double meaning or vulgar movements, imitating cinema stars. The public should also learn to boycott/ignore such programs which are harmful to the children. The children should be allowed to take part in the programs of their age and it should look decent when we sit and watch from our drawing room.

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the article was superb it helped me a lot it was a part o my holiday home work, thnxxx
saathvik 2009-06-21

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