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Parents too strict: Leading their children more prone to accidents and danger

BY: M A Silong | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-08-30

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   M A  Silong
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All parents think that if they will be strict towards their children, their children will be kept into safety and their lives will be led into the right path. They all think that in this manner, they can lead them away from danger.

But not all the time, parents are right. The ways they follow are not always good for everyone especially their children. NO THEY ARE NOT. This time, I can give you examples to prove to you that I, myself, make sense for I've experienced some of these before. . .

First example, let's give a sample names to the sample characters I'm saying. Jane and Mike are the parents of their only daughter, Sara, fourteen years old. One day, they knew Sara has a boyfriend through text- which is absolutely false. With this, they forbid Sara from any usage of cellphone and took it from her. One night, Jane and Mike are out attending some seminar in some town. Sara was alone in the house. That midnight, a group of men came in the house and there threatened Sara. Sara tried to contact her parents. The telephone got no dial tone. In these times, her only weapon is her cellphone. But then she remembered that her cellphone was confiscated by her parents. She did not know what to do. The men raped her in her own room and there, she was murmured. Her parents repented by their own mistake. They knew they only thought about their self and did not think about their daughter, that confiscating her cellphone can lead her to danger.

Second example. Kat is a single mom of three kids. She was divorced with her husband ten five years ago. But then, Kat knew that being a single mom and did nothing but watch after her children is such a boring one. So, she went out every night with her friends in parties and such. One night, Kat was out leaving her three children alone in the house. Karl, six. Anne, eight and Josh, twelve. The three children are alone wandering in the house. Josh and Karl felt very boring and played with each other. They ran all around the house. Accidentally, they switched on the stove as fire shocked the three of them. The fire reached the curtain and spread it all over the house. The children felt very scared and did nothing but watch each other burn in the fire. After the incident, Kat knew she was a failure and cared only about herself. . .

Third example. Fara and Victor is a couple married fifteen years ago with four kids. All boys except for the third child, Cindy. Cindy is an innocent one and cared only about her studies. She did not know what love, boyfriend or any kind of relationships mean. But because her parents are both sensitive, they always told Cindy not to have boyfriend in a very young age. Cindy was then curious about the word 'boyfriend'. She asked her friends about it. Cindy felt interested and soon . . . she had a boyfriend behind her parents' backs. If her parents did not introduce the word 'boyfriend' to her, then Cindy won't have been lying from then on.

If some of you are parents. Maybe widowed, single parents, divorced or married, please wake up to the fact that being strict is not acceptable at all times and at all costs. Let's try to give them considerations and somehow hear and appreciate their side. Remember, you've been a child too. And if you are still a child right now, you would also understand and realize what I am trying to tell you . . .

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