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Parents are always right: True or False? (Debate)

BY: M A Silong | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-08-31

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   M A  Silong
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Parents are needed in our society to look after children that's going to lead the nation in the future. But this doesn't mean that they are always right and their ways must always be followed. As they said, 'Nobody's perfect'. It means, parents are not excepted in this saying. They have some ways that may lead their children to danger and wrong doings.

Seventy percent in our society says that parents are always right and must always be followed because they lead us in a better future. But the truth is not always about the proximity or the amount of percentage each side has to know if this side is the true one and this side is not. Let's have a debate. 70% percent says parents are always right while the 30% says not they are not.

70%: Parents are always right so we should follow them for they lead us in a successful and bright future.

30%: Parents are not always right. In some ways, they are also usually the reason why their children are not being successful with their future.

70%: How do you say so?

30%: Look around you. Look at the little kids roaming around the city asking for food, coins or even searching for food in garbage. They're even eating the rottened one just to get by the hunger. Whose fault do you think is it? Parents, of course. If their parents put effort with their life, their children must not be like this by now!

70%: Those parents you are saying are also children before. Considering the fact that they also have their parents trying to brighten up their future before. But what did they do? They just wasted the bright opportunity for a better future. So whose fault is it? Children.

30%: Then how do you think they became like that? Their parents lacked of guidance and support towards their children that's why they're being like this. A lot of parents also teach their children how to smoke or to murder especially the Mafia families! Do you think it'll do good for their children when they grow up?

70%: But it depends on the children's decision if they follow what their parents are teaching them or not!

30%: But do you think it is right for these parents to teach their children things like this?

70%: Parents are always right in the end!

30% Not they are not usually right!

70%: They are!

30%They're not!

Alright let's stop there. All of us, even the greatest critiques, can't still tell whether parents are always right or not. We have different beliefs and decisions in life. Some may say that parents are always right while some are otherwise.

But the lesson here is, parents should give appreciation to their children and their children must also do the same. Both sides must hear each other's explanations. In this way, the parent-child relationship would grow better than you think . . .

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About Author / Additional Info: If you'd like to have a talk about this, e-mail me at meleaagatha.silong@yahoo.com

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Parents are not always right!
Parents are not always right! Some are not even right!
Eaint 2010-01-27
Parents want only the best for their children
Wether the Parents seems right or wrong, the main thing is they only want what is good and best for their children,though sometimes it went wrong it doesnt mean that they intend to be like that. And for the children,obeying and understanding your parents will always lead you to succes,above of that, trusting with each other will give you a better future. Keep up your good work ate!! love you!!!
Lhitto 2009-09-06
Parents are Not Always right
They are human beings too, even though they are more mature, there is a generation gap between them and us which cannot be bridged easily !! Keeping a fine balance is the best.
Alisha 2009-08-31

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