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Pain Killers Can Really Kill A Person If Not Consumed Carefully

BY: JoJustin | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-02-20

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Pain killers are the kind of drugs that cause the decrease in the pain that a person has. There are many people who suffer from pain in various parts of the body. There are people in all age groups right from a very young age to a very old age who suffer from pain in various parts of the body. The pain that a person has can be classified in two types. One is the chronic pain which means that the person has been having the pain for a long time. Acute pain on the other hand signifies pain that the person has been having for a very short time.

The common causes of pain are falls or other traumatic injuries where the person has injured a part of the body that damages the tissue and causes pain. The injury could have been to the muscle of the person, the bone or the nerve. All these injuries in the person has different kinds of pain.

There are various methods of treating pain. The most common method is to treat the pain with pain killers or pain medications. There are various side effects of these pain medications and they can cause damage to the kidney of the person. It can also cause the person to have other related problems. This is the reason for various things to be remembered when the person is on pain medications.

The care that has to be taken by the person while on pain medications are as follows:

1. Dosage:

The correct dosage as prescribed by the physician has to be consumed for the person to have a healthy life. This is because if the person consumes a different dose, the pain might increase or other systemic problems can occur.

2. Drugs on empty stomach:

When the pain medications are consumed when the person is on an empty stomach, it can cause the person to have ulcers in the stomach. It can also cause the person to have various other problems like gastritis. This is the reason for patients being advised to consume pain killers after consuming some food.

3. Do not exceed duration:

The most common cause of complications in those who consume pain killers is that the people who consume pain killers try to consume it for a long time, even after the physician has advised them to stop consuming the drug.

4. Do not substitute drugs:

Another common reason for the complications that occur after consuming pain killers is that the patient who has been having pain might get it substituted at the chemist's either when the pain has not been relieved or when the drug is not available. This can also cause various problems and complications in the person.

5. Cause of pain:

The person consuming the pain killers should make sure that the cause of the pain has been diagnosed as it will help to prevent unnecessary consumption of pain killers.

Other than these factors mentioned here, there are various alternate therapies available for the reduction in pain and these can be tried as most of them are relatively safer when compared to the consumption of pain killers.

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