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BY: Christine jiji | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-09-17

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   Christine jiji
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Flip flops, huge backpacks and foreign languages, that is the picture that most often comes to mind when we hear the word tourism. Very few of us think about enjoying the sights and sounds of their very own countries of residence. Domestic tourism can be fun, cheap and convenient.

Charity begins at home and I believe so does tourism. It makes little sense to travel halfway across the world for a sight that is in your own backyard however exciting you think travelling is.

Each country whether desert, tropical, tundra or polar is endowed with its own sights for the benefit of the locals. However it is not uncommon to meet a resident who has no idea about a feature you have crossed a sea to see. Domestic tourism will ensure citizens are more aware of their environment besides making them appreciate it more. Needless to say, those promoting patriotism and environmental awareness will have an breeze promoting their cause.

International tourism is mostly seasonal with a long lull between short peak seasons. Usually the tourism industry has to devise ways to survive in the months between the peak season with little revenue. The domestic tourist could provide this much needed alternative that will keep the domestic tourism industry running till the next season.

Local tourism will provide the education we need if we are to raise a generation that appreciates nature, heritage and existing social institutions. It will also make us appreciate other cultures and lifestyles of people with whom we share nationality.

The big boom in domestic tourism will give rise to new investments and even protection of some neglected tourist attractions with potential. The service industry can only get better with the locals making use of them. There will also be a greater appreciation for tourism and this can only serve to make the country a better tourist destination!

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Nice article
Domestic tourism not only boosts local economy but it also gives you an idea how beautiful your own country is. Having fun between your own people is always better.
Jay 2009-09-18

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