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PILLOW TALK - A pre-trainng for spy work.

BY: chi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2008-08-24

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Pillow talk do not need any coaxing, it just happen naturally. Let us take for an instance, suppose your friend has some big burden which you are not aware of, but knew that she has it, you know that she will have to be asked or even request to share it. But the burden is so complex that she does not know where to start it. Then you request her to spend the night with you. you may discuss some jokes in the beginning or you may try to cheer her up in any possible ways you can think of, but it seem to fail. You don't need to worry, i can assure you those things works, its just that she needs to relax a little. Then you both became bored and tired, so you planned to lie down on bed or sleep. You start talking about ups and downs of life and how glad you found a friend so loving an faithful in her. By and by, she opens up and confides her problems with you. Then, you realise she need a hand to hold and a heart to understand, you offer yourself and she smiles between her tears.

This is the kind of pillow talk we are discussing about. You may wonder how this can be linked with such a private work like spying. Look at this way, spies do not come to people with truth about themselves, they just appear to them as their job required them to be. But one has to remember here that we are not talking about spies but a very good friend who can make a good spy.

Let us question ourselves .If you can find yourself the listener in a pillow-talk, why can't you make a good spy? Its just that you have to make friendship with people related to the target. Your present mind may not agree with me, but think again. Do you think you would be send to be a spy without training. May be your pillow-talk can be termed as a Talent-search exam. But remember, this is not a plot to push you into an aspiring spy. Its just a thought that all this time you can be keeping your best talents aside..

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