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Orphans and Boulders

BY: AJAN | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-10-29

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She waited patiently for here father to open the door, when he does she shut her eyes as if she had been asleep for hours. She squinted as he loudly slammed the door, convinced of her act. She sat quietly in her dark room for nearly an hour before she decided that it's safe to leave. She tiptoed slowly to the front door, once she got there she ran as fast as she could to get to the place that she feels safest. She sat on a boulder a midst a sea of pebbles, and stared at the ocean; it stretches for miles and mile before it finally fades. She comes here most every night; this is where she goes to imagine, this is where her mother used to take her.

Redwoods and evergreens stretch as far as the eye can see, while forest animals scurry about. As the sun started to rise she realized that it must have been time to leave. When she's here alone, that is the only time she doesn't feel lonesome.

-Abigail, what I tell ya ‘bought sneaking' off in the middle of the night?-
-Sorry, Daddy.- She responded quickly, -I, um I just wanted some time for myself, that's all. I won't let this happen again.- She assured him like she had so many times before, this was a promise she could never force herself to keep. She touched her heart to fake sincerity, and her father naively accepted. She was a round girl, six years of age. Her black ringlets fell about shoulder length and her heart shaped face showed off her widow's peak. She had dimples on either side of her face, and she looked remarkably like her father; but, luckily, she received her intelligence from her mother.

-'Bought time ya make me breakfast.- he said with a laugh as he scooted her towards her bedroom. -Now, ya should get yourself dressed before ya do that, then. All Right?-

-Yes, Daddy.- And with that, she reluctantly went quickly to her bedroom. She hated to get dressed. She only had her old clothes, from when she was just five years of age, and children grow quickly. Her father didn't have enough money to take her shopping, especially since her mom died.. Living like that was rough on her; especially because her dad isn't the smartest of people.

-Would ya hurry up, Abigail, I want me some eggs.- He was now shouting down the hall at her. She ran frantically out of the room and slid on her socks on the wet kitchen floor. The slipped and fell on her bottom, this made her father laugh.

-How do you want your eggs?- She asked him, but to her discontent all he said was -I want then to be eggs,- in a matter-of-factly tone, as if he were mocking her.

-Ever since my stock crashed, I ain't got no money, Abby.- he said staring at her ill fitted dress, -But everything's going to be alright , O'kay. We make it work.- He said trying to reassure himself more than her.

She handed him the breakfast and sat slowly down at the table, They both ate quickly, not saying one word, and making no eye contact. Her relationship with him was practically nonexistent, when her mom was around he'd always be working in his field, but now he just stayed home all day doing nothing. She spent her days cleaning and her nights alone in the forest.

-Goodnight Darling',- he said in a voice that showed how much he truly cared about her, but she didn't notice. He just felt there was never anything he could do for her, so didn't show his love much. -Goodnight, Daddy.- She said back to him and hurried for her room, only to leave again in another hour.

She ran quickly for the moonlight was hardly enough to light the forest in the winter, but she knew that if she ran, she'd be able to make it to her destination without thinking; by memory. When she finally got there a thick blanket of snow covered her boulder, atop the snow was a boy.

He had blond curls poking out of his whole filled hat. Has was about three years old, and extremely skinny for his age, his coat was sized a men's large and he had one furry leopard print mitten and one leather woman's driving glove. His cheeks flushed red when he saw Abigail approaching; he hopped of the boulder, leaving his coat behind.

-Hey, hey kid! You left your coat!- She called but he didn't come back. She hopped atop the boulder that she had come to sit on and imagined a time long ago when she was happy. She told herself reassuringly what had happened, and that it would happen again.

-Imagine it, Abigail,- she said -you're smiling with your mom. We're her and I, were dancing to no music except the songs in our heads, made it hard to keep a beat. Remember ‘Won't be long until we move out of this place, Abigail, we're going to ride a train to California.' She'd say, and I'd say ‘what about Daddy,' she'd responded with ‘Oh, him? We might come back for him later, I don't know, what do you think?' And I'd say ‘we don't need to come back for him at all.' Then we'd laugh, all three of us. Mommy, Daddy, and I would all laugh together, then Daddy would have to go back to work. I'd still laugh with Mommy. Why haven't I been happy since she left, not once, and it's been a year? Maybe I'll find her someday and we can do it all again, maybe?- She'd ask herself every night, and then she'd cry. -When she was here I was never lonely, never, but now that's all I ever am.- She'd continue to reminisce about the time with her mom until sunup, then she'd run home to make her father breakfast.

-What's that you got in your hand there, Abigail?- He said motioning to the coat she was holding.

-It's a coat, some kid on my boulder left it when he ran, I figured if I can find him and give it back, that would be nice. Don't you think? I do, he's probably cold.-

-Your boulder?- He said in a confused tone, -wait, um, you ain't been going outside like I told you not to do, have ya?-

-Daddy, I'm sorry, you wouldn't understand, I'm going to go find that boy.-

-No you ain't, you going put that coat backs were ya found it, that would be where he looks for it.-

-Yes, Daddy.- She walked out the door to put the coat back on the rock. When she got there, the boy was already digging through the fresh layers of snow to get to his coat. He was wearing nothing but his hat, mismatched glove, and a pair of underwear; he was covered in snow and he was shivering. When he saw her he instinctively ran, this time Abigail chased him. She caught him with a tackle. He started to cry because she skinned his knee when landing on him.
-I got to get you fixed up,- she said -oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.- She picked him up and started to walk home with him. -Sh, sh, sh… My Daddy would ever let you come in the house, now stop your crying so I can sneak you inside.- He stopped crying but looked fearful. -Its okay we won't hurt you,- her eyes glanced down to his knee, -again. I won't hurt you again, just going to get you fixed up.-

She snuck him into the house and into the bathroom. She set him on the counter and got the alcohol wipe to sterilize the wound. He jumped back in pain, -I though you said you wouldn't hurt me again.- He said sobbing.

-This is how you sterilize wounds, kid. Haven't you ever had a wound sterilized like this before?-

-I ain't never had my wounds sterilized before.- He said.

Abigail stared at him, -You mean none of these have been sterilized?- she asked motioning to the many cuts and bruises on his arms, legs, and torso.

-Nope!- He said complacently, putting his hands on his hips and holding his head high.

-Kid, what's your name?-

-I ain't got a name, never did. What about you.- He was finally smiling.
-I'm Abigail, - she place a bright blue Band-Aid over his knee, -Where'd you live, I'll take you back.-

He frowned and started to cry again, -I ain't got a home, never have.-

-Sh, sh, sh…don't want my dad to here you. That's too bad,- she hugged him, -I hardly have a home either, my mothers dead and my father don't care one way or the other for me. All I have are happy memories, but I have no one in this world that cares.-

-At least you have happy memories, an' did your dad every say he didn't care?-

-No, I guess not.- She said frowning, -but he never spends time with me either.-

-Maybe you ain't spending time with him?-

She considered that for a while, was he or wasn't he trying to spend time with her? If he loved her why'd she feel so lonely around him? She sat pondering for minutes. Then looked at the face of the child sitting on her counter, -Why don't you stay here, you have nowhere else to go. Want to be my brother?-

-Yes!- He was practically jumping for joy But he was unfortunately shushed again by Abigail who still didn't want her father to know.

After such a tiresome day, she actually fell asleep instantly. While she was sleeping, the boy crawled out from where she hid him, under the bed, and wandered into her father's room.

-Excuse me, Sir.- I tugged on the comforter, -Sir, excuse me.-
-What Abigail,- he said half asleep, then realized that he wasn't speaking to Abigail, rather some boy whom he had never seen. -What the hell?- He asked, still half asleep.

-Hello, your daughter helped me find my coat, she said I could stay with you, is that alright?-

-Yeah, whatever,- he probably would have answered no, but he was too tired to care much.

-Oh, and Abigail feels that you don't care about her, she feels lonely around you, and she feels like you don't spend any time with her, and I don't think that's true, is it?-

-Hell no! I try an' spend time with her but she's always out in the dang for'st.- He was now completely awake; he did not like the accusation of not loving his daughter.

-I thought so, good night!- He said cheerfully.

-Goodnight,- he said in a more confused voice, then fell back to his pillow.
In the morning the first thing he did was run to Abigail's room and embraced her; she was already awake, searching frantically around her room. -Daddy, I had a kid in my room, and he's gone. The boy's gone missing.-

-Funny, I done had a dream ‘bought a boy, I think he done did what he camed here for.- He said, -I don't want ya ta be lonely no more, I do love ya.-

-I don't want to be lonely anymore either.- She threw her arms tightly around her father, the remained hugging for hours. Abigail's father looked up from their hug, only to see a curly blond boy waving to him in the window.

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