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Online riddles - Enjoy solving puzzles and riddles

BY: informationishere | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2008-07-31

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Internet has always had its ways of entertaining people and engaging them into activities which could keep them busy for a long time, weeks at a stretch. Attractive websites, educational stuff, important information is not all that the web stands for nowadays. It has become a lot different and interestingly so because it more fun. Flash games have become very popular with websites coming up to cater to this section of the web demand in specific. A newer trend however has hit the market. It is even more luring for the brainy lot among the web surfers. It is the era of online riddling.

Online riddles are basically a series of puzzles ranging in difficulty and dimension to be solve in a specific sequence. They are designed generally in an increasing order of difficulty level. These problems involve a basic knowledge of computers an some general trivia. Everything else is left to GOOGLE. The task is to go from one level to another by solving the clue an finding a password for each level, an in some cases a username also. The puzzles are aimed at different areas like general knowledge, common sense, lateral thinking, basic computer knowledge of image editing etc. Its a fun learning experience.

To start with you should look for clues in all places. The images, the title bar, the URL, the source code, Google searches are all sources of hints an clues. Make sure you don't hit on any of the walk-throughs because it spoils the fun. The simpler levels include morse codes, ASCII, lateral thinking etc. As the level grows tougher, it may include image editing, sound editing, cryptography, programming, advanced searches, trivia, logic, science and what not. As you go on solving a lot of puzzles, you come to learn a lot of new things e.g domino effect, nonograms, vigenere cipher etc. are some things I came across while solving such puzzles. And whenever you are stuck, there is a forum with almost every riddle site where people who have already solve the levels or are currently working on it give hints and leads on solving the puzzle.

Some of my favourite ones are Neutral Riddle and Notpron. Other riddles like JAOR, ZEST etc. are also popular. There are lots of new riddles coming up with new ways to trick people making it even more interesting. If you are a creative soul with some knowledge of web designing, you can think of making your own riddle and getting people to break their heads over it all night long. It gives an immense sense of satisfaction to make people do that.

So, go ahead and get your hands on one of these riddles. ENJOY!!

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About Author / Additional Info: Mehul Jain
B.Tech II Year Computer Science an Engineering

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