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Online Game Review : Evony Age I

BY: Endangered | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-23

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Evony: Age 1, also known as Evony Free-Forever, is the premier free online multiplayer gaming experience on the internet today. Launched in May 2009 this game has grown to include millions of players. Evony is a game run entirely inside your browser window. So all you need to play is an internet connection and a browser such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Evony runs well on any type of machine, and its no secret, its a fun game to play at work. I personally have stopped by my a local library with my laptop and played Evony during situations that didnt allow me to play at home.

Evony is a strategy online game, in much the same style as civilization and other top down view "tile" games. You begin with a single city, a level 1 town hall, a small amount of resources. You are given empty "tile" spots which you can build new buildings. There are resource gathering buildings, barracks to train your army, academy's to research technologies, walls and towers for defenses and much more. The game is extremely deep and will be fun to the casual and hardcore player alike. There is a hero system which allows you to hire and level heros for attacks and also increased boosts to build times and research. There is also a very deep defense system , you can upgrade your walls and build fortifications, including archer towers, traps, rolling logs and more. Everything is based on a time per build system. For example leveling a level 1 cottage to level 2 might take 1 minute, but leveling a level 9 wall to level 10 might take 75 hours. There are many things within the game that can speed this up though, from items to high level hero to research in the construction field. This is an excellent system because your empire continues to grow while you sleep and work.

This game has a lot to offer the casual player and the new player. There are many fansites and resources on the internet to get information, including a wiki site. As well as a full guide on the official website. The developers have added a lot of features to help the beginner, including free items upon logging in for the first time, free items once you build your first level 3 town hall and a very nice referral plan if you get your buddies to play with you. There is also a 7 day beginner protection time, so you can learn the ropes without fear of being attacked and allow you time to find some friends and join an alliance.

For the hardcore player this game is wonderful. The economy system is unmatched in a free browser based game like this. With thousands of players buying and selling goods through the marketplace (which you build in your city), there is a true supply and demand system in place. There is also a very well developed alliance and ranking system. Many stats are tracked and displayed ingame for all the competitive types to battle over, from hero level, city level, prestige, rank, honor and more. Alliances contain up to 100 players and you can declair friendly, neutral or hostile to other alliances, allowing you to make a chain of friendly alliance. This type of system has led to many epic server battles involving dozens of alliances and thousands of players.

The main focus of this game though is combat, player versus player combat and player versus computer combat. In the world of evony you will encounter non player controlled cities which you can attack and plunder, these opponents will not attack your city but you can attack them. And then there is player versus player which involve battles where you can be attacked as well. A strong defense is extremely important. Over time and experience you will learn the best units to tackle each situation. Over the course of the game you can capture cities from NPCs and players and own up to 10 cities. Combat is brutal and unforgiving, the troops you spent days building could vanish in matters of seconds if you do not do your homework. The scout system and battle reports are crucial, as is teamwork. There are also valleys to conquer which give your cities production bonuses. Attacking valleys and NPCs will sometimes reward you with a medal which can be used to increase your titles or used to increase the loyalty of your hero.

I must of course bring up the optional ability to spend real life money to purchase ingame "cents" which can be spent to buy items or spin a wheel to get a random prize. A lot of players refuse to spend money on the game, others consider it a method of supporting the developers and helping the game development. It is not however required to ever have to spend money.

As you can see this game is very deep, it is very enjoyable once you get into it. This game will appeal to gamers who like combat, empire building, making friends and playing with people all around the world, and of course FREE games. There is a lot more to this game that I didnt touch on, I hope I gave you enough information to convince you to go to www.evony.com to check it out. Also check out the beginner tutorial for more information and www.evonypedia.com for even more information.

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About Author / Additional Info: About Author / Additional Info: I'm Endangered of Evony, Server 45.

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sounds fun, i enjoy free games to play while stuck in the cubical at work
Lawrence Willton 2009-08-23
sounds fun, i enjoy free games to play while stuck in the cubical at work
Lawrence Willton 2009-08-23

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