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Online Degrees : Information and personal views

BY: informationishere | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-07-29

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The prospects of studying online and getting a well recognised degree have been in for while now and most of the famous universities have worked very hard on their distance learning programmes. Its fairly easy to get it if you have the prerequisites and the ability. You can go into the websites of universities and explore their offerings of online degrees. The steps are simple to follow. You can study at home, appear for exams and after a prescribed duration of a few years you get a degree.

The course is both similar and different from the on campus programmes in terms of fee structure, syllabus, quality and acceptance in the job market. Some courses are very well suited for the online version whereas some of them are not really acceptable. First, let us look into the advantages of a distance learning programme. They are extremely useful for people who are working and cannot afford to give their time for on campus degrees. But they must ensure that they give adequate time to their online degree programme. This takes nothing more than some will power and interest. Also, for physically handicapped persons who would prefer to do less of the physical part of an on campus programme, these courses are a boon. Some people may also like studying in an home environment as they feel they are more efficient in such a case. These degrees are generally less expensive as overhead costs such as residential facilities and some parts of the college fees are removed from the fee structure.

But there is also a dark side. These degrees are very poor at the student teacher interaction as well as the student student interaction which are very important aspects for any education programme. The universities have been working very hard on reducing this communication gap but as of now it is not in a very good state. Another aspect is the credibility and acceptance of such a degree in public. There are some finer aspects of the course which are very difficult to cover online.

Online degrees are helpful for people who are extremely interested about some field and want to have a formal study of the course apart from their personal exploration of that field. This gives them extra time to work on their own and also an acceptable standard to bank upon. Some of the universities that provide distance learning programmes are:

1. California graduate university
2. ITT tech
3. Phoenix university
4. Ashwood university
5. MIT
6. Colorado university

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About Author / Additional Info: Mehul Jain
IIT Bombay

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