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Oh Mother! Oh mother! Long live Angel of Mercy-Mother Theresa!

BY: gnr1932 | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-01-10

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Oh Mother! Oh Mother!
Oh Mother Theresa,

you came from all the way,
From Yugoslavia to India.

You chose Kolkata,
You saw many poor people,
in Kolkata,India.

How great was your determination!
To become a nun,
and do service to all beings human.

You were the pioneer to start
The Nirmal Hriday,
The home of the destitues,
The poor,the sick and the needy.

You had a strong belief
That everyone has the
Right to die peacefully.

You were called Mother by all,
you were greater than that,
For yoiu showed and showered
Love and affection with sincerity.

You cared for the young,the old,
The sick, the poor, the needy,
And specially for the dying ones
To die peacefully on your laps.

Simple in your attire,slender and tall,
with greyish brown eyes,
You did wear a blue bordered saree,
And that became the uniform
Of the Missionary of charity.

You were awarded many prizes,
From all parts of the world,
and specially the Nobel Prize.
for your dedicated service
to mankind.

We had been to Kolkata,
My wife and I,
When you were in the wheel chair,
You still gave us your Dharsan,
your heartiest best wishes and
Blessings for which We thank you.

Your grace,your loving and
Ever smiling face is the thing'
they cannot be forgotten by us.

You made everyone in your home,
to take a vow of poverty,
Obedience,free service to all
the poor,the sick,the young,
The old ,the dying and the needy.
You were the Mercy Incarnation.

We all thank God for sending you
to India and to live with us,
To show us the way how
We can also be kind and good
to the poor and the Needy.

Oh!Mother! we miss you!
The whole world misses you!
Long live Oh! Our Mother Theresa,
The angel of Mercy.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I read the articles of many and I got the idea to thank our mother Theresa.

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