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BY: Guest | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-11-27

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Author: Poonam Mishra

There are very different causes of obesity. Obesity is today's major problem and lots of people are suffering from this disease. There are lots of reason how obesity is caused but few reasons are important.

Obesity or fatness is caused when there is an excess and overeating of a particular nutrient. Obesity is the result of overeating of a particular carbohydrate and fat.when we intake excess of carbohydrate and fatty things a part of it is used and rest amount is stored for further use and that makes a person obese.

There are various causes of obesity. Some of the important reasons of it are -

1- By thyroid deficiency-Many kinds of diseases are caused by the deficiency of thyroid. A person suffering from obesity may be due to thyroid deficiency . to control thyroid deficiency a person will have to take its medicines regularly and must have a diet control.A person should also make a habbit of regular exercises to avoid obesity .A person suffering from obesity due to thyroid deficiency must avoid eating fatty and oily food.

2- Dose of steroids- people suffering from many different types of diseases intakes different types of medicines which results into obesity.One of the main medicines which causes obesity is steroids.Regular use of steroids makes a person obese . After taking medicines like steroids a person undergoes sudden increase in wait that causes obesity.A person suffering from this type of disease must do yoga and exercise regularly.

3- Excessive intake of fatty item (improper diet)-The main reason of obesity to the person who do not suffer from any kind of disease are improper diet i.e-fatty foods and junk foods.Person suffering from obesity due to other reason also have to make a check over diet .Excess intake of oil sugar and fatty substance(fried) are the primary factors of obesity.Excess intake of meat colas and alcoholic drink lead to obesity because of their high calories .

4- Lack of exercises-Today person are leading a different type of life style.Persons are prone to obese who lead a sedentary life style .sufficient amount of exercises can reduce the risk of obesity but if it is not done regularly than the calories that have been taken find no way to burn and there will be excess of calories which results in obesity.

Many other reasons are there which causes obesity .If a person is not suffering from any diseases but from obesity he or she must make a check over obesity .Obesity give rise to many other major health problem.people must do regular exercises restrict to proper diet habits and must take proper medicines to avoid obesity.

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